Witches of East End Season 1 Review “Unburied”

Witches of East End Season 1 Episode 7 Unburied 14

We’re only three weeks from the end of Witches of East End‘s first season, and bad things are starting to pile up against the girls. Freya’s affair with Killion has been discovered by Dash, Ingrid is worried about how indicative her past self is of her own dark capabilities, and Wendy only has one more life to live before she’s dead for real.

The threat of the episode came from the shifter’s raising of past Ingrid, and she was quick to take her anger out on the person who killed her – Wendy. This was fun, and I’d like to see more past incarnations of Freya and Ingrid pop up over the course of the series. Is Ingrid right about them being the same person every time? Or does nurture have more to do than nature in this instance? Joanna swears that things will be different now and her girls will live longer, but recent events have made that less likely.

Freya still can’t make her mind up about Killian and Dash and, after Joanna reads her cards for her, she realises that she really does have to make a decision. One of them is an emporer and the other is a trickster – but she doesn’t know which is which. The way this season has gone so far, I’m almost certain that Dash is the one hiding something, and maybe Killian will be the one to save the girls from his mother’s wrath? We’re assuming neither of them know about the families’ connection to each other, but are we so sure now?

Wendy had a relatively good week repeating her encounter with not-neighbour Leo (is his name a deliberate Charmed reference?) and, for now, he seems like a pretty normal guy. ingrid’s new interest Mike, however, is clearly trying to get to know her in order to dig for information but, given what we know about Ingrid, it’s possible it could be both at the same time. We need some guys on the show who aren’t completely shady (other than Tom Lenk in the library) and Leo and Mike are both candidates for genuine love interests.

What did you think of the episode? Who’s the emporer and who’s the trickster? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.