The Amazing Race Season 23 Review “One Hot Camel”

I was unfortunately unable to review The Amazing Race when it aired last night, as I was too busy reviewing The Walking Dead and Almost Human last night. If you haven’t already seen those reviews, I encourage you to go check ’em out! In the meantime, read on for my review of last night’s episode “One Hot Camel”, as the six remaining teams remain in Abu Dhabi for one more leg.

It’s not often that we stay in the same city for an entire leg. We didn’t have any buses, trains, or plane rides tonight at all! I know that there are some people who love the “Travel Fu” side of the show, with all of the departure and arrival times being jumbled around, but I much prefer this type of leg. This isn’t about who gets on which flight, or who finds the most competent travel agent or taxi cab driver, this is 100% skill. It’s all about how good you are at directions and getting around on your own. I love that!

I was surprised, but a little impressed, that they had a call back to the leg in Norway from a few weeks ago in order to get into your vehicle. I didn’t know that they were required to keep the trinkets that they get over the course of the race, so I thought that was a pretty neat callback.

The Amazing Race isn’t very good at communicating the rules to the audience very often, so I was very surprised to learn that you were only able to use one U-turn per race. I guess that explains why people usually don’t use the U-turn at the beginning of the race, because I guess they’re saving it up for a more advantageous point in the game.

Speaking of holding on to things until it’s most advantageous, we finally got a confirmation about Travis and Nicole’s Express Pass! I’ve been complaining for weeks that they aren’t telling us when they need to use their Express Pass by, and apparently today was their last chance. They never actually said out loud that they needed to use it, but you’d assume that’s the only reason that they’d use it without hesitation.

So they actually used their Express Pass on Leo and Jamal, and their reason (that they kept repeating ad nauseum) was that Leo and Jamal were liars about U-turning Adam and Brandon. I thought it was pretty bold of them to U-turn somebody based on a hunch that they were lying about something. I mean, there’s no way for them to know for sure that they were lying about it, so I found that a bit odd. If you’re going to U-turn people based on honor, then why not U-turn Tim and Marie?!

The rest of the leg played out in a pretty predictable manner. You never really thought that Nicky and Kim had a chance to make a comeback, especially with a U-turn AND a speed bump to deal with. They’ve already been saved multiple times in the past, so I think it was meant to be that they are finally sent packing.

What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– I loved Ally’s shout out to the dunes at Pismo Beach in California. I’ve been there many times, and have enjoyed the dune buggies myself multiple times!

– How was all of Leo and Jamal’s cooking materials still at the challenge? Usually when people abandon a task and are forced to come back to it, they don’t get to pick up where they left off. When Brandon and Adam had to go back to the “posing for money” challenge that eliminated them, they didn’t get all of their tips back!

– I don’t remember a team being given an option of which model car they want to win! What a sneaky way for Ford to get mentions for their entire line of Eco Boost vehicles!