Supernatural Chat: The Destiel Controversy – Where Do You Stand?

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Hey there, Supernatural fans! In this installment of Supernatural Chat, I’ve decided to take on the rather controversial subject of Destiel and the recent uproar that occurred that (reportedly) caused one WB executive to delete their Twitter account.

Destiel: Canon or Fanon?

For those not aware of the controversy or the recent developments, here is a very brief rundown based mostly on what I was able to find by searching the internet. As I never found myself personally involved in the controversy.

Back in September, SpoilerTV published an article that spoke about the Destiel controversy and also brought up the subject of queer-baiting. They have a much more thorough definition of queer-baiting in the article, but basically it is when people perceive that a show is portraying a character as gay or bi, but won’t own up to it and actually come out and say it.

More recently, the subject came up again when it became clear that Dean and Castiel were finally going to be reunited in Season 9. Around that time, WB executive Chad Kennedy got into a conversation about the relationship of Dean and Castiel on Twitter. After the episode aired, Kennedy’s Twitter account had been deleted, but not before he posted a rather cryptic comment: “This will not end well.”

The Daily Dot posted an article that talked about why they thought Kennedy deleted his Twitter account and also some examples of tweets that he had sent in response to fans’ questions about the idea of Destiel on the show.

One Fan’s Opinion

Now that you’ve seen (an extremely brief) history of the most recent part of the Destiel controversy, I wanted to talk about my opinion. Since this is just my opinion, you can take it any way you want, but I wanted to say how I felt about all of this, especially as a huge fan of Dean and Castiel myself.

Personally, I don’t feel like I have ever seen Dean show signs that he is bisexual, nor Castiel show signs that he was gay on Supernatural. Does that mean I have a problem with gay or bisexual people? Not even close. I have friends of all orientations and I love them all equally. It also doesn’t mean that I would have a problem if Supernatural decided to go in that direction. I’m just pointing out how I feel on the subject. I have been a fan of this show since late in the first season (yes, I was a tad behind, I’m a bad fangirl) and I just have never seen either of those character qualities in Dean or Castiel.

Do Fans Have Rights?

One of the reasons I wanted to point out how I feel about the subject is to raise another question: Do fans have rights?

All forms of art are subjective. One person can look at a painting and see one thing while another person can see something else entirely. But does that mean that either person has the right to tell the painter what his painting means or how he should do all of his paintings in the future? Perhaps it is because I am a writer myself, but I have always been of the opinion that a piece of art (including a TV show, as I’ve always seen TV as another art form) belongs to its creator/creators. I feel that, as a fan of a TV show, I have the right to voice my opinions about that show as much as I want, but that I do not ever have the right to demand that a creator bow to my will.

Let’s say, for the point of argument, that I did have a problem with the idea of Castiel being gay. Would that give me the right to demand that the show not portray him as such if they chose to? Personally, I feel that it would not. If I don’t like the direction that a TV show decides to take with my favorite character, I have the option of complaining about it and I can even stop watching the show if I choose, but I don’t have the right to tell someone how to write their show.

I don’t make the statement above lightly. I have had favorite characters changed and destroyed (in my eyes) by other TV shows and I have stopped watching those shows. Many years ago, I stopped watching ER after 10 seasons because of that reason. I hated the direction they went with a character I really liked and after one particular episode, I swore I would never watch the show again – and I didn’t.

Again, I want to point out that this is just my opinion on this subject and I understand that others have other opinions and I’d love to hear them. Do you feel differently about whether Destiel has been proven as canon? What is your opinion about fans’ rights?

Sound off in the comments below with your opinions, let’s just all remember to play nice. I know this is a heady subject, but every fan has a right to their opinion, even if it differs from yours.

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