Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Review “Necromancer”

Just when I think Sleepy Hollow is out of surprises, they surprise me. This episode did not unfold at all the way I thought it would, and that’s a wonderful thing. It was so much better than what I imagined. There was a fairly major reveal in this episode, and it set the stage for some very interesting adventures going forward.

I wondered last week how Ichabod and Abbie were going to question the Horseman due to his lack of head, but it seems I needn’t have worried about it. Ichabod and Abbie figured that they needed to contact Officer Andy if they wanted to communicate with the Horseman because he’d given the Horseman a message from them before. Andy begged them not to do it, but as far as they could see, it was the only way. After they chained Andy up in the room with the Horseman, he used Andy as his voice. Ichabod started out by taunting the Horseman, but the Horseman quickly turned the tables when he revealed things about Ichabod that no other living soul should have known. Namely, that Ichabod was responsible for his best friend’s death.

Apparently, before Katrina married Ichabod she was engaged to a well-to-do fellow named Abraham. It was an arranged marriage, but Katrina decided to break off the engagement because she didn’t love Abraham. It’s not that Abe was a bad guy. He was just a bad guy for her because she had fallen in love with Ichabod. Awkward. Abraham was incensed after he found out that Katrina was leaving him for Ichabod, and he challenged Ichabod to a duel…while they were in the middle of a super secret mission. Not a good time, Abraham. While they were dueling, the Hessians rode up and shot Abraham. It’s interesting that, from Abraham’s point of view, his death was Ichabod’s fault. I suppose he figured that if Ichabod hadn’t stolen his girl, then they wouldn’t have been dueling and the bad guys wouldn’t have been able to sneak up on them. There’s some legitimacy to that argument. At the same time though, Abraham is responsible for his own death. I believe he knew that Katrina and Ichabod were in love. Perhaps he figured that they wouldn’t do anything about it because Katrina was a woman (thus had no real power) and Ichabod was a gentleman. When Katrina broke things off with him, I think it broke Abraham’s pride more than his heart. Although Ichabod was his friend, Abraham believed himself to be better than Ichabod. When Katrina essentially showed him that he wasn’t, he couldn’t take it. He let his wounded pride get in the way of his better judgment. That’s why he died.

Despite Abraham’s contribution to his own death and subsequent fate, Ichabod felt quite guilty about the whole situation. Abraham was, after all, Ichabod’s best friend. I tend to believe that you can’t really control who you fall in love with, and I think Ichabod would probably agree. He repeatedly told Abraham that he and Katrina didn’t plan to fall in love. I believe him. Sometimes, stuff just happens. Nevertheless, their actions (to Ichabod’s mind at least) resulted in his best friend becoming one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Yes, folks. You heard me. Ichabod’s bestie is the Horseman of Death. I can’t say I saw that one coming. Apparently, Abraham wanted to get revenge so badly that he made a deal with Mulock to become the Horseman if Mulock would imprison Katrina in Purgatory. That also explains why the Horseman has been to hot to kill Ichabod. Ichabod was right. This is very personal.

While Ichabod and Abbie were interrogating the Horseman, Captain Irving and Jenny were trying to track down the Hessians. First they went to a jewelry shop where the owner was guarding some sort of key that would break the hexes holding the Horseman captive. They had already retrieved the key by the time Irving and Jenny got there. Jenny realized that the Hessians would try to take out the power grid next, so off they went to stop them. Irving and Jenny rounded up the Hessians that were present, but they were too late to stop the bombs that the Hessians has set. So, they headed back to base to regroup. They showed up just in time to help Ichabod and Abbie fight off some demons or something that Andy had called to help him free the Horseman. Irving and Jenny make a pretty nice team. Jenny needs to learn to listen better, but the chick’s got skills. Irving ain’t so bad either. As an aside, I really like what Orlando Jones is doing with Captain Irving. He plays him as a man who is still having a hard time believing what he’s seeing, but at the same time, he’s not just going to sit around and let whatever happens happen. Now that he knows the truth, he’s fully on board with doing whatever he has to do to keep Sleepy Hollow safe and stop the forces of Hell from rising.

Ichabod wasn’t the only one carrying around a lot of guilt. It seems that even death doesn’t stop the guilt from flowing. Andy explained that he made some bad decisions while he was living that he cannot take back now, and his soul no longer belongs to him. Therefore, he must follow Mulock’s commands. Although Andy is compelled to serve the forces of Hell, he doesn’t seem to be entirely lacking in free will. He chose to tell Abbie about the Horseman’s weakness in last week’s episode, and in this week’s episode he stopped the Horseman from killing Ichabod. I suppose you could argue that it was Mulock who actually spared Ichabod, but I’m not entirely sure I buy that. Andy had already said he would help them whenever he could, and I think he knew it would hurt Abbie if Ichabod were killed so he saved him. I can’t say enough how much I am loving John Cho’s performance. As the Horseman he was proud, angry, and powerful. As Andy he was resigned to his fate, filled with regret, and victimized. Cho shifts back and forth from one end of the spectrum to the other with such ease. Seriously people, keep John Cho around for all the episodes.

Ichabod’s and Abbie’s roles were kind of reversed. Usually, Ichabod is the one keeping a level head in all of these outrageous situations. He’s the one keeping Abbie calm and trying to think logically. However, this time Abbie had to serve as the voice of reason. The Horseman completely threw Ichabod off his game when he started talking about Katrina. The Horseman knows she is Ichabod’s weak spot because she’s his weak spot too. Ichabod started to lose it the more the Horseman taunted him about Katrina, and Abbie had to help Ichabod get his head back in the game. On the upside, at least it looks like Katrina has something to do other than appear at inopportune times to warn of impending danger.

Yet another solid outing from Sleepy Hollow. One of the many things Sleepy Hollow does well is blend in the perfect amount of humor with the horror. It’s a delicate balance, but however the writers do it, they have struck the perfect chord. The reveal of the Horseman being Ichabod’s best friend adds a whole new layer to the battle between good and evil. Will Ichabod continue to do whatever it takes to stop the Apocalypse now that he knows the Horseman is his ex-best friend? Will Team Crane figure out a way to rescue Katrina in time? Even if they do, will Katrina be dead or will she also awaken in the 21st century with Ichabod? So many questions! I look forward to finding out the answers. So what did y’all think of this week’s Sleepy Hollow?

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