‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Special Photos Feature Ten and Eleven, Rose and…Queen Elizabeth?

This Saturday “The Day of the Doctor” will be upon us, but to help us get through the wait, BBC America has unveiled more than 40 pictures from Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary Special. The photos feature Ten, Eleven and The War Doctor, as well as Clara and Rose, but there’s a surprise guest in there as well: Queen Elizabeth.

“The Day of the Doctor” will take us from the awakening of something dreadful in London’s National Gallery to 1562 where there’s a deadly plot occurring in Elizabethan England, while out in space an epic battle reaches its final conclusion. All of these threads will come together to leave all of reality at stake as The Doctor’s past catches up with him. You can see all of the photos in the gallery below. What do you think this unprecedented Doctor team-up will lead to?

The global simulcast of the 50th Anniversary Special will air Saturday, November 23rd at 2:50pm ET on BBC America. The network will encore the special in primetime at 7:00pm ET with exclusive Inside Looks with Matt Smith and David Tennant.

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