Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Review “Akanahe” – Steve and Grover Learn to Play Nice

Akanahe (Reluctant Partners)

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Akanahe” (Hawaiian for “Reluctant Partners”), Steve and Grover are sent by the Governor on what should be a simple case and end up tracking a terrorist.

When this episode started out and I realized that Danny wasn’t going to be in it, there may or may not have been a small hissy fit. I won’t go into details about this alleged hissy fit, but it may or may not have involved stamping feet and whining. When it was over (not that I’m saying it actually happened, mind you), I decided to sit back and see what this episode had in store.

The idea of the Governor sending Steve and Grover out together on a simple case to get over their petty differences and learn to play nice was a strong one. But of course nothing is ever that simple and they both soon found themselves dealing with a terrorist who looked like a Jonas Brother. Oh wait, that’s because he was a Jonas Brother.

That bit of stunt casting aside, this was a really fun episode. Knowing that Danny would be back, I was able to enjoy watching Steve and Grover learn how to work together without killing each other. If anything, watching Steve and Grover pointed out some of the reasons that Steve and Danny’s relationship works. As much as I sometimes hate the way Steve is always the top dog in their partnership, Danny’s willingness to let Steve have his way (sometimes) makes things smoother for them. Does that mean that Danny just rolls over and lets Steve walk all over him? Heck no, but his method is more about using conversation (aka carguments) and subtle manipulation to get Steve to do what he wants him to do.

Grover, on the other hand, is just as bull-headed as Steve and it was kind of hilarious to watch them bang their heads together for the first half (okay, maybe three-quarters) of this episode. Neither of them was willing to back down when they thought they were right and it made for some great interaction between them. It took a while, but they did finally figure out how to work together and maybe, just maybe, learned to play nice.

After all was said and done, Steve and Grover came out with a better working relationship and Steve came out with an arch nemesis who is a Jonas Brother. Yeah, I’m still trying to wrap my head around that second one.

My favorite bits:

Knowing before they took their masks off, that that was the team under those masks.

Sigh. Wondering where Danny was. How come I didn’t get to see him in a tight black outfit and a ski mask? *sad panda face*

Finding out that Adam faked his death and Kono was planning to go after him. Wow.

Steve answering the phone with a quip for Danny, and finding out it was the Governor. Oops.

Grover finding out just why his daughter was running late for school.

Steve vs. Grover outside the Governor’s front door. Oh yeah, this is going to make for an interesting relationship.

Steve discovering that Grover had filed a complaint against him.

The Governor sending Steve and Grover out to pick up a guy with parking tickets. Ha! Like a dad forcing his kids to play together.

“I don’t ride shotgun.”
“Neither do I.”

Steve and Grover racing away from the stop light. Naughty boys!

“Go protect, I’ll serve.”

Steve nearly drawing his gun on a kid playing a video game.

Steve informing the kid that his tactical approach was “whack.”

Yep, was totally waiting for something bad to happen, can’t say that I was expecting machine guns though.

Steve making a homemade fingerprint kit and Grover making a concoction to stop Steve’s wound from bleeding. Aw, they kind of make a good team together.

Steve finally letting Grover tie his bandage. OMG he so stubborn.

“Stop doing that, you look like a flying giraffe.” – Gotta say, I agree with Steve on that. I’ve never seen a flying giraffe, but I would imagine it would look something like that.

“Why are you the constant variable in every pile of crap I step in?”

Curious to find out what Steve found out about Grover.

Yep, I knew Steve was gonna get on that horse. Who knew Grover was that game though?

Cutting off a truck with horses? Really guys? And um, horses FREAK at the sound of gunfire unless they are specially trained for it. Sorry, former horsewoman here and that whole sequence made me cringe a little.

Grover finally admitting that his daughter’s laptop had been snagged.

Chin having to help Catherine with the big screen. Loved that.

Awesome choice of song they played when the team was taking down Ian.

Ian calling Steve “Crockett and Tubbs.” That was awesome. Wish I’d thought of it first.

Ian announcing that he was going to drop a plane in the ocean if they didn’t do what he said. Whoa.

Steve and Ian agreeing that their only choice was to put Ian on the plane.

“Get your ass on that plane before you get a bullet in your face.”

Steve and Grover finding only a laptop in Ian’s seat. What the?

Steve and Grover sharing a moment to congratulate each other on a job well done, but Grover still refusing to ride shotgun in Steve’s car. Haha! Boys will be boys.

Steve getting the message from Ian on the ATM. Freaky!

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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