Haven Season 4 Review “The Trouble With Troubles”

Haven Season 4 Episode 10 Shot in the Dark (6)

I watch a decent amount of television and the bulk of it is entertaining enough to keep my attention, but Haven is setting the bar for greatness. This season the Haven writers are demonstrating how a clever, funny, compelling show is done.

Haven Season 4 Episode 10 Shot in the Dark (4)

Last week, we got the huge revelation that Audrey used to be a completely different version of herself – and one that was probably not good. William apparently doesn’t handle rejection well and decides to punish Haven until Audrey reunites with him. By ramping up people’s troubles, William is causing a serious amount of destruction.

Then things go from bad to better. Audrey wakes up and finds herself in a new, safe Haven, where the worst crime the town has is vandalism. This alternate Haven means some crazy changes for our mainstays. For starters, Duke is a police officer. Audrey can’t help but find this amusing and assures him, “You look good as a cop.” Vince and Dave have undergone a hilarious Stepford transformation with crazy wigs. Who would have ever thought you’d see Dave with a sweater over his shoulders and Vince with a neckerchief?

Haven Season 4 Episode 10 Shot in the Dark (1)

It would’ve been easy for the show at this point to simply make each character into a caricature. Instead of doing this, Haven gives us some terrific one-liners to let us know we weren’t in Kansas anymore. When Vince and Dave encounter a shoeless, pajama wearing Audrey walking around town, they are horrified over, “Haven’s first homeless person.”

Audrey learns that Nathan is not a police officer in this world. He’s a doctor with a loving wife and daughter. This version of marital bliss is all kinds of wrong. Under no circumstances do I want this to be a glimpse of a possible future for Nathan sans Audrey.

Audrey tries to convince Nathan and Duke that this world is off because it is constructed by someone’s trouble. Before she gets too far, William finds her. It turns out that William is immune to the troubles, like Audrey. Unfortunately, William is not a fan of the new and improved Haven and wants things to go back to the way they were. He tries to strong arm Audrey into helping. When she resists, he unleashes some uncomfortable revelations. William says that deep down Audrey likes the troubles, because she and William created them.

I suspected this was going to happen after the end of the last episode. William is clearly a bad guy, so if there is some prior relationship between him and Audrey, this means she was probably bad also. I am just really really hoping that bad Audrey doesn’t return. I can envision a fifth season revolving around a havoc-wreaking-good-girl-gone-bad Audrey. That would be torture.

When reasoning with Audrey doesn’t work, William resorts to violence. I have to confess that I couldn’t have imagined Colin Ferguson could play bad so well. William goes to the newspaper to chat with Vince and Dave. Well, he doesn’t exactly want to chat. The Haven crew soon learns that William has murdered our beloved curmudgeons. There’s no ambiguity left: William is evil.

Haven Season 4 Episode 10 Shot in the Dark (2)

With the ramp up in crime, Duke starts to think that Audrey is telling the truth about bizarro Haven. He heads out with Nathan to the site of the next dead body. A woman’s corpse is propped up against a tree with “Not Her” carved into her forehead. This also gives another one of the episode’s great moments. Our sharp as a tack former police chief is not so quick on the uptake in this world and asks Duke, “’Nother,’ what do you think that means?”

Audrey figures out the source of the trouble, but things go bad when Nathan delivers him to William. William kills the man and the trouble vanishes. Haven is as good – or as bad – as new. But now, Audrey has an idea where William is hiding.

The final confrontation between William and Audrey is completely shocking. William outs her to Nathan and Duke, telling them that Audrey is the cause of the troubles. Right before Nathan shoots him, William says that he and Audrey are bound together. He’s more right than we realize. When he is wounded, Audrey is also. This creates a serious problem: how are they ever going to get rid of William without harming Audrey? I would suggest the creation of a new barn that William can be imprisoned in.

I am very pleased that we are moving closer to the old Audrey. Her hair is getting lighter and shorter, and the nose ring is finally gone. In this episode, Emily Rose definitely proved that she can do comedy as easily as drama. It was great when she wakes up in the troubled Haven and asks, “What kind of trouble takes my shoes?”

I also loved how Audrey’s relationship with Nathan is playful and not angsty. It was funny/endearing when Nathan told Audrey at the beginning of the episode, “There’s a trouble in your bed. I think we should check it out.” Playful, lighthearted Nathan is so much better than angry Nathan from last season.

One of the most important things I took away from this episode is that I need a Haven t-shirt like the one Audrey had. Pronto.

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