Grimm Season 3 Review “One Night Stand”

Grimm Season 3 Episode 4 One Night Stand (6)

Grimm took a break from its grander mythology this week and got back to basics with a Wesen of the aquatic variety. Hank and Nick have to figure out what drowned a young man in the river, and how his friend was saved. I like that with the help of Renard, they’re turning into a mini-supernatural detective squad.

Grimm Season 3 Episode 4 One Night Stand (4)

The episode starts like any number of B-movies you’ve seen: frisky youngsters go for a swim, not suspecting that there is something deadly lurking in the water. As things usually do, the frolicking takes a bad turn and one guy dies. The other only survives because a young woman/creature pulls him from the water and resuscitates him.

My initial instinct said that this was going to be a story about rampaging mermaids with black widow complexes. Fortunately, we got a far less predictable and more interesting story. The mermaid species, known as Naiads, was divided between progressives and traditionalists. The old guard still wanted to kill humans, while the former had evolved past such behavior. I liked that we had several layers with the Naiads. We saw the strength of their family unit, learned about the fertility issues of the males, had the broader conflict between the different communities, and the dynamics of homegrown punishment.

Grimm Season 3 Episode 4 One Night Stand (5)

Nick figures out what kind of Wesen they’re dealing with and arrests the young girls. As they sit in the jail, their skin starts to dry out. Nick again has to struggle with how to deal with Wesen. If these girls were ordinary suspects, detaining them wouldn’t be a problem. But, because they’re water creatures, the girls can’t be kept inside too long. It was definitely a more bubble gum version of a Wesen story, which was nice after last week’s gruesomeness.

Juliette - Grimm

It feels like Nick still hasn’t resolved the internal conflict on what he’s going to do about Wesen. The Grimms are supposed to be Wesen killers. How should Nick balance the need to kill some Wesen with the fact that he is committing murder – albeit of non-humans? Nick is going to need to address this. I would say that perhaps his mother could help, but she wasn’t exactly Wesen friendly. It does seem like she’s coming back, though. When Juliette sees an email to Nick that says, “Love, M,” she becomes concerned about who this person is. My guess is that “M” means mom.

Grimm Season 3 Episode 4 One Night Stand (3)

Nick’s super powers also continue to develop. He’s able to stay underwater for a long period of time when he rescues the young Naiad girl. I’d like a full inventory on what he can do now. I definitely think it’s time to see some acrobatics and Ninja moves.

Rosalee - Grimm

In the background, Monroe and Rosalee moved in together. It is incredibly sweet the way they tried to combine their possessions. Juliette and Nick also settle back into their normal routine. It seems like on the personal front, all of our characters are getting back to normal. How long can that last?


Renard discovers that Adalind is connected with Frau Pech’s plan to sell a royal baby. He doesn’t seem to have fully connected all the dots quite yet, though. Again, when is Adalind finally going to have this baby? We need to move this sub-story along a little faster.

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