Drifters Series 1 (E4) Review “Dry Run”


The girls on Drifters aren’t getting any luckier, with Bunny and Meg’s love lives taking an unfortunate turn and Laura sinking to a new low when she finds herself short of cash. ‘Dry Run’ really showcased the warm camaraderie between the three girls and, now that we’ve gotten to know them a little more, the laughs come easily and more frequent.

Meg’s storyline, as always, dominates the episode. With the girls finding out that she hasn’t had sex in a year, they go on a mission to find her a few lower-rated men for her to skate through her ‘dry run’ with. That’s a dry run instead of a dry patch – much better. The lucky guy is Sweaty Tom, an old friend of Bunny’s from university and definite five to Meg’s six. Try as she might to flirt with him, however, he’s having none of it and, even when she resorts to telling him she’s a lesbian, the rendezvous doesn’t quite work out how she’d like. Meg even resorts to knocking on Mark’s door, but thinks better of it when she realises what he’s been doing.

Bunny’s romance with her old primary school teacher (unbeknownst to her, of course) stayed just on the right side of creepy, but kudos to Drifters for actually going there in search of laughs. Bunny’s becoming my favourite character largely because of her carefree attitude and easy comedic timing, and hasn’t been boiled down to the ditzy comic relief as I feared. Laura, on the other hand, is a character that still needs some nuance, and her storyline of stealing the prize car was purely filler in an otherwise strong episode. Then again, we all know comedy is subjective – other people might really like Laura.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Meg will ultimately end up with her ‘tidy’ boss? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Drifters airs on E4 in the UK.