POLL: What Do You Think of The New Team on Grimm?

Nick, Monroe, Rosalee, Hank, Sean, Juliette - Grimm

Hello again Fellow Grimmsters! So, here we are three episodes into the third season. How is it working for you thus far? I know that I am enjoying the stories so far this season and looking forward to what comes next.

Today I am wondering how you feel about the new team? Let’s take a look at the characters and how the team has been slowly assembled before you vote.

Nick Finds Out Life is Not Simple

Nick - Grimm

In the beginning… Or maybe that should be once upon a time? No, wait that is another show. Never mind. Anyway, when Grimm started, we had Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin, a team of two detectives leading regular, ordinary lives in Portland, Oregon. Well, as ordinary as any detectives’ lives can be. Then Nick found out he was a Grimm, from a long line of Grimms, and certainly his life changed forever!

Monroe – an Unlikely Alliance

Monroe - Grimm

Once his true nature was revealed, Nick certainly could not at that point tell Hank or anyone else, because who would believe him? Most likely he would have been sent for a mental evaluation. Consequently, he did the next most logical thing – he teamed up with Monroe, once they got past the fact Monroe was a Blutbad and by all rights Nick should have been trying to kill him and vice versa! Of course, Monroe is actually a Wieder Blutbad, and no longer preys on humans. In fact, he eats a vegetarian diet! Nick and Monroe formed a team when Nick started calling on Monroe to help him navigate the Wesen world.

Rosalee and Her Cure-Alls

Rosalee - Grimm

Rosalee Calvert was introduced in an episode where her brother was murdered in the exotic spice shop he owned. It turned out that he was also dealing in human organs for his Wesen customers. Rosalee is a Fuchsbau, and also was fearful of Nick once she realized he was a Grimm. However, in the course of solving her brother’s murder, she came to be friends with both Nick and Monroe. With her knowledge as an apothecary, and the items carried in her shop, she is frequently called on to devise a cure for a curse or the evil doings of a Wesen and thus became a valuable member of the team, not to mention Monroe’s love interest.

Hank Learns About Nick’s Secret Identity

Hank - Grimm

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Hank started realizing something odd was going on. After all, he is a detective! Nick did a pretty good job of keeping Hank out of the loop of the real story behind most of the cases, but Hank could not help being drawn in once Adalind Schade, the Hexenbiest, used Hank to get to Nick. The after effects of the spell she used combined with Hank being run down by Monroe, who was transformed into his Blutbad form while trying to help a friend, had Hank beginning to question his sanity. I was then only a matter of time before Hank would have to learn the truth and be brought onto the team.

Captain Renard Joins the Fun!

Sean - Grimm

Captain Sean Renard is an illegitimate son of one of the Royals. He is half Hexenbiest and thus is aware of the world of the Wesen. Early on, he was the person responsible for sending Adalind to kill Nick’s Aunt Marie in the hospital. As the program has evolved, his motivations and protection of Nick have become more evident, as has his lack of an alliance with the royals due to his illegitimate status. While it is likely he still has some hidden agenda that is purely in his own self interest, he also has earned his place on the team and solidified it by helping cover up Nick’s zombified rampage.

Juliette Completes the Team…

Juliette - Grimm

Juliette Silverton is Nick’s love interest in the program. She is a veterinarian, who had no idea about Nick’s secret life for a very long time. He did not tell her at first because he did not understand it himself, but as time went on, he kept her in the dark to protect her. Of course, the problem is that creatures who want to harm Nick see her as a good way to get to him! Just after Nick finally gets up the courage to tell her about his life, Adalind puts Juliette under a spell that leads to her being in a coma, and then when she is finally awakened by use of a kiss, she feels an attraction to the person who kissed her – Sean Renard! He was able to awaken her due to being a member of the royal family. Of course, when she awakens she has lost her memories of Nick, until they finally start coming back and she demands to know what is going on with him. When the truth is revealed, she at first has a hard time accepting it, but finally joins the team. Her skills as a veterinarian should come in handy when dealing with Wesen!


So here we stand, in the early stages of season 3, and this is the team that has been accreting members over the past 2+ years. For my part, I am drawn to shows with teams. I find that a team working together to solve a problem, whether it is 2 people or more, makes for an interesting show. Each member of the team has his or her own unique skills, and thus contributes to the success of the mission.

But, now I want to hear from you – time to vote! And be sure to add your thoughts in the comments section below – I love hearing from you.