Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Review “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word”

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 9 Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (8)
It’s always great to see Callie getting more screen time on Grey’s Anatomy, but it is a bit of a buzzkill for it to be under these circumstances. Callie has certainly had a rough go of it lately. Her wife hated her for amputating her leg, then cheated on her and now she’s being sued for negligence. A surgery Callie performed on a snowboarder went horribly wrong and she had to amputate both of his legs. I can’t believe Callie’s dealing with the fallout of another amputation!

After laying the groundwork for Callie’s woes, we then proceed to trial where viewers saw the incident through the perspectives of both Callie and Travis. As much as I love Callie, I felt sympathy for both of them after getting more details. In addition to the lawsuit, which really seemed to come out of nowhere with so many other story lines still very much unresolved, we also got more insight into things between Callie and Arizona. The couple tried to have another baby and unfortunately, Arizona miscarried. Ultimately, all of the turmoil felt like a larger reflection of Callie and Arizona’s broken marriage. I was glad to see Callie’s dad arrive in an effort to support his daughter and appreciated that he tried to convince her to reconcile with Arizona. He even revealed some of his own marital problems, as we learned that he actually cheated once.

Coming to grips with the mistake she made allowed Callie to see Arizona’s extra-marital affair as a mistake, which is something that all people make. Of course, as Callie seemed to be opening up to the idea of reconciling with Arizona I immediately thought of the quality time Arizona has been spending with Leah. Callie didn’t know that a naked Leah was in Arizona’s room, but you know that cat will be out of the bag in no time. I like Callie, but the storyline felt like a deviation from where her character had been heading. The issues with Arizona seemed to run much deeper than just the cheating. I thought it was more about Callie feeling she’d lost herself and her happiness. You know, dancing in underwear to tunes on her iPod.

Overall, it was an okay episode, but I’d really like to get back to all of the drama that we’ve watched build this season. I need a check-in with Bailey and the Twisted Sisters asap!

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