Glee Season 5 Review “The End of Twerk”

Glee Season 5 Episode 5 The End of Twerk 1

So, Mr. Schue twerked, and it was horrible. That said, this week’s Glee wasn’t as terrible and offensive as I had feared, and things actually came together for once in spite of all the Miley Cyrus nonsense. We were even treated to a couple of rare solos, this week from Unique and Marley in two emotional turns.

Starting with New York for a change, I LOVED Kurt and Rachel’s storyline. This feels like exactly the right way to deal with Finn’s passing without letting it dominate every week, and any excuse for Rachel and Kurt to be silly and carefree together is welcome from me. The Funny Girl number was great, the tattoo reveal was very moving and having Kurt actually address his change in character recently made sense given what’s supposed to have happened. The only thing missing was Santana, and it would have been perfect.

Back at McKinley, where absolutely nothing is as urgent or important as Rachel described, the whole school have gone twerking crazy. This new craze is instigated by Will, of all people, but the show cleverly sidesteps some of the awful connotations by having him be completely clueless as to what Blurred Lines is about. I said sidesteps, as it doesn’t actually get rid of them. I respect the show for having Sue actually address the subject matter and it’s inappropriateness when sung by a teacher with underage students, and she was a lot more rational than Will this week.

He eventually caves on the issue when Sue offers to give Unique a key to the faculty bathroom – a nice storyline that I was kinda dreading when I read it in the synopsis. I’ve had some issues with how accepting McKinley seems to have gotten since Kurt left, and at least this episode shows some of the problems Unique has to deal with daily. Her solo was really heartfelt and moving, and the plot redeemed the show for some of it’s ignorance in the past. I want more of this, and some mention of her relationship with Ryder while they’re at it.

Less impressive was Marley’s Wrecking Ball cover, which basically recreated that terrible video and completely overshadowed the point of the number. We were supposed to be thinking about how hurt and betrayed she felt after discovering Jake’s infidelity, but I was just cringing about how completely awful that sequence looked. This is so lazy, but seems to be something the show has been leaning on more and more. Glee should exist as a thing on it’s own, and not just as a place where we can see popular music videos done badly and on the cheap.

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