White Collar Season 5 Review “Master Plan” – Peter Takes a Sick Day

White Collar Season 5 Episode 5 Master Plan (6)

In this episode of White Collar, called “Master Plan,” Peter, aka Mr. No Sick Day, comes down with the flu, while Neal and Elizabeth team up to catch an imposter after someone else’s trust fund.

This episode took a little break from this season’s arc of Neal going bad and the mystery of who killed Siegel to get back to basics. Just a good old fashioned story about Neal and Peter teaming up to do what they always do and catch some bad guys trying to do some white collar crimes.

Well, except that it wasn’t so much Neal and Peter teaming up, at least not all the time. Thanks to the flu, Peter spent a good portion of this episode either lying about being sick, diligently fighting his symptoms, being in bed or coming back from being sick. Still in the process of recovering from the flu myself, I sympathized with him and I only wish that I had a guy like Mozzie around to make me a special honey-infused elixir to make me well.

Tough guy Peter trying to deny that he was sick was completely in character with a man who seems to think that he must always be one step ahead of everyone else. It’s one of the things I love about him and yet I got a kick out of seeing him taken down by a little bug.

It was also nice to see Neal and Elizabeth work closely together once again and don’t even get me started on Neal in that butler’s uniform. Was it just me or were those pants really, really, tight? Whoa, daddy.

While I’m still intrigued by Neal fighting his good side and his bad side, the mystery of what Hagen wants from the scroll and exactly who killed Hagen, I did appreciate this mini break from all the drama. I know we’ll get back to all the heavier storylines, but for now it was fun to just see everyone interacting in those unique ways they always do.

My favorite bits:

Shirtless Peter. Thank you, show.

“I haven’t been sick since 1996.” – That statement is soooooo gonna come back to bite him in the butt, I just know it.

Mozzie talking about his undercarriage. I mean, what?

“Just one butler? That’s very frugal for gazzilionares.”

Neal informing Peter that he could buttle.

“Neal Caffrey, at your service.” – So, so, so many dirty jokes. So little time.

Peter looking worse and worse.

Neal claiming that his alter ego had gotten fired for sleeping with a princess. Of course he did.

“I am a brilliant study, and this man has the flu. So you might want to keep your distance.”

Neal in the butler’s uniform. That is all.

“Nice uniform, slick.” – See? Even Elizabeth agrees with me.

Everyone backing away from Peter when he looked about ready to blow.

Peter trying so hard not to barf. Hilarious.

Peter continuing the briefing from another room.

“Oh, I got my tie.” – Eeew, and also, Hahahahaha!

“I think Elizabeth is right.”
“Yeah, she usually is.”

Patrick standing behind Elizabeth, like a creeper.

Neal figuring out how to get a finger print from Patrick.

“It’s going to work. I’m going to steal something right off your wrist. Watch.”
“Oh, I’m watching.”

Neal stealing Elizabeth’s watch. Nice.

“You have a gentle touch.”
“That’s enough.”

Peter telling Neal to try his technique: G.A.F. – Grab a fork.

Neal discovering more joys of having Mozzie as a roommate.

Mozzie touting the benefits of his new invention to Peter, including “performance enhancement.”

“Neal’s a very bad influence on you.”

The look on Neal and Elizabeth’s face when the DNA came back a match.

“I can’t just leave. Maybe I’ll see how French that maid really is.”

Neal discovering that fake Patrick used real Patrick’s blood.

Neal coaching Peter on how to be an angry Croatian.

“Neal, get out.”
“I’m a butler, I’m trained for this.”

“Don’t look.”
“I have to look, I can’t help it.”

Peter and Neal bringing home the real Patrick to his family.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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