‘Totally Biased’ With W. Kamau Bell Cancelled by FXX

Totally Biased

FXX has cancelled the late night show Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell due to low ratings, Deadline has confirmed. The show originally aired on FX but after making its move to FXX, viewership plunged dramatically to just 12,000 total viewers. The series, available to 72 million homes prior to the move, had lost access to 26 million homes. Previously the show attracted an average of 110,000 total viewers in its time slot following the comedy series ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ and ‘The League’.

Bell will star in the series’ last original episode this week before FXX begins running repeat episodes of ‘Totally Biased’. The network will also air Sunday’s best of the week “Mixtape” on Nov. 17 with new intros from Bell before the show takes its final bow.

Each week viewers tuned in to watch the humorous antics of Bell, who made light of a wide variety of newsworthy topics in pop culture, religion, politics and more. The series was executive produced by ‘Grown-Ups’ actor and comedian Chris Rock. Earlier this year, Russell Brand’s late night show ‘BrandX’ was also canceled by the network.

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