The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “Sorry For Your Loss”

Dealing with family is always so complicated. It’s not that you don’t love them. You do, and that’s the problem. It’s so much easier to see clearly when your vision isn’t clouded by your emotions. This week’s The Tomorrow People was all about family and how far you’re willing to go for someone that you love.

We’ve spent some time learning about Stephen, John, and Cara over the course of this season, so this episode rounded out the leadership team by telling us about Russell. Russell and Stephen were at a pool hall hustling players when they ran across a girl named Piper. They figured out fairly quickly that Piper was one of them, but when they tried to talk to her she pretty much kicked their butts and ran away. While Russell and Stephen were trying to convince John and Cara to go after Piper, Tim interrupted with news that Russell’s father had just died. After some consideration, Russell decided to go to Seattle for the funeral. John decided to go with him and help him avoid Ultra. Along the way, we found out why Russell left home.

Unlike John and Cara, Russell didn’t run away necessarily because he was afraid of his abilities. He ran away because he hated the life his father was forcing upon him. Apparently, Russell is a gifted pianist and when his father found out, he decided that Russell needed to be the next Mozart. He forced Russell to practice at least 6 hours a day and he guilt tripped Russell at every turn by reminding him that he’d given up a great job and a beautiful house so that Russell could pursue “his” dream. Russell wanted out so badly that after he found out that he could hear people’s thoughts, he found an underground poker game so he could hustle up some money to get away. The mobsters who ran the game decided that he was cheating, so they went to hunt him down and get their money back. They found him the day that he decided to confront his father, and after his father realized how Russell really felt, he took the beating so Russell didn’t have to. Russell was ashamed to go back home because he felt that he’d left as a coward. He didn’t know what to say to his mother and he was afraid that she wouldn’t want to see him. It seems that his fears were unfounded. Russell’s mom didn’t even address anything that happened in the past. She just hugged him and was glad to see her son. Russell was even able to make peace with how he felt about his father.

While Russell and John were in Seattle, Cara and Stephen were trying to track down Piper. They found her at about the same time Ultra did, but they helped her get away and they took her to the secret lair. After she got there, they were shocked to find out that she’s Darcy’s little sister. Stephen arranged for the two of them to meet because he wanted to reunite this family. Stephen didn’t believe that Darcy would turn her little sister over to Ultra, but it appeared that he was wrong. Darcy called in a capture squad to take Piper back to Ultra HQ so she could be stripped of her powers. She said it was the only way that Piper would ever be safe. After some convincing, Darcy decided that Piper and Stephen needed to run instead. Unfortunately, the kill squad caught up with Darcy and she had to make the ultimate sacrifice so that Stephen and Piper could get away. Darcy knew when she told Stephen and Piper to run that she was going to die, but she was willing to make that sacrifice if it meant that her baby sister would live. That’s love.

I literally groaned out loud when Stephen and Cara kissed. I saw the Stephen/Cara/John love triangle coming from a mile away, but I was really hoping they wouldn’t take that route. Aside from the fact that John and Cara are together, Stephen is only 17 and Cara is 22. Ordinarily I’d say 5 years isn’t that big a deal, but at that age, those 5 years are a very big deal. But that’s not even my major problem with TPTB taking the story that way. My problem with this storyline is that it’s completely unnecessary. There is enough dramatic ground to mine with Stephen trying to balance his double life, find his father, take care of his family, and graduate from high school. Not to mention that Ultra is closing in on the tomorrow people, Jedikiah is a constant threat, and someone above Jedikiah has taken an interest in Stephen. I’d say that Stephen has a pretty full plate already, and throwing this love triangle into the mix isn’t going to help matters at all. Furthermore, it doesn’t do anything to boost Stephen or Cara’s character at all either. How does it look that the first time Cara and John have a real fight, she steps out on John with Stephen? And how does it look for Stephen that he’s pursing someone he knows is already in a relationship? Call me a prude if you like, but any way you slice it, this is distasteful.

I’m kind of confused by Cara right now. She’s upset with John because he’s been hiding things from her. She says it’s not because he can kill, and I believe her. But I don’t get why she feels that John needs to tell her EVERYTHING. No one ever shares everything with anyone else. Even if you’re in a relationship with that person and you share many of your deepest secrets, there are just some things that people keep to themselves. There are a great many reasons why, but it just doesn’t sit well with me that Cara feels like she should be privy to everything John knows and what he’s thinking. Shouldn’t he have some thoughts/feelings/emotions/memories that are his and his alone? It’s as if Cara is saying that the only way they can be together is if he has nothing private which is kind of hypocritical of her considering the way she’s behaved in the past. Just because she can read people’s thoughts doesn’t mean she has a right to know more than they want her to know.

I’m also kind of bummed that they didn’t follow up with Astrid. Stephen revealed himself to her in last week’s episode, and it ended with her kind of in awe of what just happened. Then this week, nothing. Astrid got a passing mention when Darcy warned Stephen that if Jedikiah found out, Astrid would be in danger. But that’s it. That’s kind of a big gap to just leave open. Astrid is Stephen’s best friend and it doesn’t make sense that he would’ve shown her what he did and then they not talk about it for a week. Especially when you consider how determined Astrid was to find out what was going on with him.

Although it may seem like I didn’t like this episode, I did. I enjoyed the parallel stories of Russell’s family and Darcy’s family. It’s unfortunate that both stories couldn’t have a positive outcome, but each of them played out the only real way they could. I’m also glad we got to find out more about Russell because I’ve liked him since the beginning, but knowing his backstory makes his current behavior make more sense. Jedikiah is a man of many secrets. I don’t know whether the woman he was with is his wife or his mistress, but it’s curious that he’s out to destroy tomorrow people yet he’s sleeping with one. I really want to know who she is and why he’s giving her a pass. Other than the obvious reason. So what did y’all think of this week’s The Tomorrow People?

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