Scandal Season 3 Review “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie”

Scandal Season 3 Episode 7 Everything's Coming Up Mellie (9)

Most of the time, Scandal leaves me breathless. This time, it’s just left me pretty much speechless. There was a whole lot thrown into this episode, and I scarcely know where to begin. There wasn’t so much a case of the week as there were several different stories occurring simultaneously.

Olivia asked her team to help her find out what happened to her mother. She was upfront with them and told them that it was dangerous, but they agreed to help her anyway. They tracked down some of the flight attendants and so forth that worked for the airline at the time of the crash. They had one lead, but when Jake went to talk to the guy, the guy was dead. That was Quinn’s doing.

Quinn is in a whole lot of trouble. Her bloodlust has pretty much consumed her, and now it looks like it’s landed her in Eli Pope’s clutches. Ever since she started working with Huck she’s been itching to find out what it feels like to kill someone. Well, tonight she got her shot. The thing is, if she hadn’t been so blinded by that desire to kill, she may have been able to recognize that hanging out with Charlie never ends well. The guy is a sociopath. She wanted Huck to acknowledge that she was right about something being off with Olivia’s father, but Huck has still been trying to keep his distance from her. I can’t say I blame him. Huck has a problem. He likes killing people and he’s very good at it. He knows that it’s a problem, so he’s trying to stay as far away from anything that would cause him to kill. Thus, it’s not good for Huck to be around Quinn right now. However, Huck is kind of between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, if he had been there to help Quinn redirect her bloodlust into something more positive, then maybe Eli and B613 wouldn’t have gotten a hold of her. On the other hand, if Huck had gone back to a mentor/mentee relationship with Quinn, she’s would’ve constantly been tempting him to go back and do the thing he knows he shouldn’t do. Either way, it’s bad. However, Quinn made several very bad decisions. Primarily that she chose to trust Charlie. Now she’s screwed. I wish I could say that I feel sorry for her, but I really don’t. She got exactly what she wanted. However, as the great Vulcan Spock once said, after a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting.

You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time. Perhaps Mellie should’ve taken heed of Abraham Lincoln’s words of wisdom. Mellie knows that her popularity with the American people has dropped dramatically, so she was doing a sort of day in the life series of interviews in an effort to rehabilitate her image. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t going so great. Mellie keeps trying to pretend that she’s a kindhearted, humble, supportive wife but she’s not. Not really. Although, after finding out some of the things that happened on Fitz’s road to the White House, I now understand why she feels like he owes it to her.

Let’s just stop to talk about what Big Gerry did to Mellie. Big Gerry was a cruel, selfish, arrogant, racist who also happened to be the world’s worst father. He took every opportunity to minimize Fitz’s accomplishments and maximize his failures. He never supported Fitz and he never cared what Fitz wanted or how Fitz felt. As far as Big Gerry was concerned, Fitz was a non-person who needed to just shut up and do as he was told. Needless to say, I was never a fan of Big Gerry. But this episode crossed a line with his character that makes him irredeemable. He raped his daughter-in-law and then the only thing he had to say about it the next day was that things “got a little out of hand.” Are you kidding me?! If they wanted me to hate Big Gerry, they didn’t have to go that far, and while I was watching the episode, I kind of felt like they did go too far. I get that they wanted to show how much Mellie gave up so Fitz could be POTUS. I get that they wanted to show what a scoundrel Big Gerry was. I get that they wanted to show how weak Fitz was. The thing is, there were other ways to accomplish that without having Big Gerry rape Mellie.

I will say that finding out what Big Gerry did makes some of Mellie’s behavior make more sense. She didn’t just give up her career for Fitz. She gave up her dignity. She not only got raped by someone she trusted, but she then chose to keep quiet about it so Fitz could have a shot at being governor and, ultimately, President. This revelation goes quite a long way in explaining why Mellie treats Fitz the way she does. She loved Fitz and she thought he was strong and capable, but in the moment that she needed him most, he wasn’t there. He wasn’t there to defend her from Big Gerry. He wasn’t there to protect her from being raped. He just wasn’t there. That’s the moment she decided that she had to do things for herself. That’s the moment she decided that Fitz was weak. That’s the moment that everything changed for them, but the sad thing is, Fitz doesn’t know any of it. Mellie never told him what happened with Big Gerry, but she’s certainly blamed him for it whether she recognizes it or not. That’s why Mellie so desperately wanted Fitz to stand up for her now. I’m still not a Mellie fan, but I did think it was a nice moment when Fitz came to Mellie’s defense with the news reporter. It was more about Fitz than it was about Mellie, but it was a nice moment nonetheless.

Fitz finally found out that Rowan aka Eli Pope is Olivia’s father. He obviously didn’t know that before this whole Operation Remington business, but now he knows. The question is, what is he going to do about it? He’s obviously worried about Olivia because he knows her. He knows she’s not going to stop digging until she gets to the bottom of Operation Remington. He also knows that Eli is willing to kill people to keep this secret. So what is Fitz going to do with this information? He can’t use it to threaten Eli because I’m not convinced Eli loves Olivia. How is Fitz going to use this information to get rid of B613 once and for all? Does he even want to? Now that we know what Operation Remington was, it also makes sense why Eli wants to keep this quiet. Apparently the intelligence community had information that there was a dirty bomb on the plane, and instead of evacuating the plane, they let it take off and then destroyed it in the air. I’m not sure why they did that because if Eli could stop the plane to get his wife off, then they could’ve stopped the plane and gotten everyone off. But the reason Eli doesn’t want Operation Remington to get out is that if the American people found out what their President did, there would be anarchy. Eli doesn’t want that to happen. But I think if it got to the point where Eli felt he could control the outcome, he would throw Fitz under the bus in a heartbeat.

There were several other relatively big reveals in this episode, but I don’t think they’re going to pay off until later. Cyrus is still on a mission to undermine Sally’s run for the White House, and he may have just found a way to do it. He and Mellie think that her husband is gay, but I bet there’s more to it than that. If there isn’t then they’ve found Sally’s Achilles heel and they’ll be able to make her do whatever they want. Of course, the most major reveal happened in the last couple of seconds. Olivia’s mother is alive. For some reason, Eli is keeping her locked up in a maximum security prison. Why has he kept her locked up there for 20 years? Why did he lie to Olivia and tell her that her mother had died? So many questions! I can’t wait to find out what’s up with Olivia’s mom and why she’s been kept away from Olivia all these years. Even more than that; how is Olivia going to react when she finds out the truth? So many questions! So what did y’all think of this week’s Scandal?

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