Elementary Season 2 Review “Blood is Thicker”

On the latest episode of “Elementary,” we got what was effectively two mysteries in one. The primary case involved the body of a young woman who fell to her doom off an apartment balcony, after getting a bad case of the stabs. But it was the other scenario in “Blood is Thicker” that got one’s attention, and which led to the episode truly living up to its name. More on that in a minute.

The main case was reasonably interesting, and had a few intriguing twists and turns that kept the viewer on their toes, I thought. I liked how in the zone Holmes and Watson were at first, with Holmes deducting the location of the body drop via paint chips, followed by Watson figuring out where the body originated via a missing potted plant on a high-rise apartment’s balcony.

What appeared at first to be a millionaire trying to cover up an affair with a much younger woman actually turned out to be something else altogether, as it was more of a reunion than anything. The woman was, in fact, the daughter of a computer tech tycoon, a la Steve Jobs, who had long ago paid off the mother in question, when a one night stand resulted in an unwanted child. Fast forward to the present, and a dying Ian Gale, the tycoon in question, found himself in dire need of her assistance, as he needed a blood transfusion from a like type.

In exchange, Gale set her up for some serious cash, and with her ending up dead, the likely suspect was either the girl’s mother or Gale’s wife, both of whom stood to gain from the situation. As it was the wife that felt the daughter was due something for her help, she was ruled out at first, and another suspect presented himself in the form of the daughter’s conniving ex boyfriend. One problem, though: he had an alibi, and what’s more said she was sick, which wouldn’t have made her a very viable candidate for a transfusion. And yet, they did one anyway, the result of which was Gale’s own death.

Ultimately, it turned out to be the wife after all, who colluded with the lab tech to intentionally infect Gale and his daughter alike with a virus. Only hers didn’t take as fast as hoped, so a little stab action became necessary. Unfortunately, when the daughter fell off the balcony, it threw a wrench into the wife’s plans that Holmes was able to trace back to her. Nice try, but no cigar.

Some nice twists there and a solid red herring that I admittedly fell for. However, nothing beat the big revelation that Mycroft was also pulling a fast one. Although the details are still unclear, it would seem that his intention was to get Holmes back to London, seemingly to get him on the outs with his father. However, Holmes opted to stay right where he was, having grown accustomed to living in the States, and having grown attached to his friends and Watson’s support. Mycroft clearly didn’t expect this, and told an unheard person on the phone that another course of action would be necessary.

If I had to guess, I’d say it was his ex, Nigella Mason, who we already know is dirty. I suspect those two are trying to bilk Holmes of his portion of his father’s estate. Unfortunately, they underestimated Holmes’ attachment to Watson and company, as well as to America in general, not to mention his ability to stay sober, no doubt. Factor in his ultimate willingness to mend fences with Mycroft, and it’s clear that his plan completely backfired. The question is: what will he try next?

It’s a shame that Mycroft turns out to have ulterior motives for making up with Holmes, just when they were getting somewhere. Almost as bad is the fact that Watson and Mycroft hooked up a while back. One commenter mentioned how out-of-character this was, but now it would seem that it was a bit of a plot machination the show used to raise the stakes that much higher.

After all, Mycroft not only duped Watson, but Holmes as well. One might say winning over Watson was a sort of trial run for doing the same with Holmes. Except that Mycroft underestimated just how much Holmes had changed, expecting the same person he knew all those years ago, and getting a much-changed man instead. Oops!

So, a pretty solid episode of “Elementary” all around. I like this twist, and I’m curious to see where it leads next. Who do you think Mycroft’s accomplice is? Someone we’ve met, or a new character altogether? What exactly is his endgame? Simply to get a hold of Holmes’ money? Or is there more to it? Let me know your theories and I’ll see you next week!