Survivor: Blood vs. Water Review “My Brother’s Keeper”

Survivor My Brother's Keeper

Survivor: Blood vs. Water returned tonight with “My Brother’s Keeper”, as the newly merged Kasama tribe has to deal with one of the game’s most powerful players being out of the game. I definitely wasn’t expecting Aras to go as soon as he did, and apparently Vytas and Tina felt the same way. I definitely didn’t expect Tina to be as upset as she was. You’d think that as a veteran, and a winner of this game, she would have been a little more tolerant of someone making such a big move. You have to appreciate that getting rid of a major player is a smart game move, and to already threaten somebody with the loss of their jury votes just sounds silly. I realize that Tina has also won this game, but the game has changed drastically since season two. It’s apples and oranges.

Speaking of apples and oranges, we had the classic Survivor eating challenge this evening! This is always equal parts entertaining and equal parts disgusting to watch, but I loved that Gervase made it to the end and had to face the grubs again. There was no way to know that Gervase would have made it to the finals, but it was a great piece of symmetry to have him shooting for redemption. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it, and Monica ends up pulling off the upset.

I’m not totally against Monica as a person, as some people tend to be, but she does seem to WAY over-think things. Not only that, but her patronizing hug for Gervase saying that it was her “dream” to win the immunity challenge was such baloney. He obviously isn’t very happy right now, woman! Keep your distance!

She continues her annoying streak when she decides to welch on her alliance and cast her vote for Vytas instead of Katie. While it ended up not affecting the outcome, it still shows how easily swayed she can be by her emotions. It also made waves within her alliance that ended up rubbing Gervase and Tyson the wrong way.

I’m pretty sure that Katie had more screen time tonight than she’s had in the entire season combined. She actually did something tonight, by winning the second immunity challenge of the episode. This victory was a little bittersweet, though, as it basically all but confirmed that her mom was going out instead. Speaking of lack of air time, what happened to Caleb? He made such a big move a few weeks ago, but now it’s like he dropped off the face of the planet!

Now with Tina and the Greek brothers at Redemption Island, we’ll see how much longer we have to wait until one of those players gets an opportunity to return to the game. It can’t be long now!

Random Thoughts:

– I feel like I say this every season, but it always shocks me how everybody’s teeth stay so dang white!

– I’m pretty sure it’s not healthy how much Sierra’s hand is shaking. Maybe she should get that looked at.

– How awesome would it have been if Tina found Tyson’s hidden idol?! If you find an idol that’s been