Supernatural Season 9 Review “Heaven Can’t Wait” – Pain is Pain

Heaven Can't Wait

In this episode of Supernatural, called “Heaven Can’t Wait,” Dean goes alone to work a case found by Castiel and both discover they are dealing with something more powerful than they thought.

I know I’ve said before that I was sad that Castiel hasn’t really been with the Winchesters since he lost his grace and while that’s still mostly true, this episode did a lot to make me happier about it. There was just something so satisfying about watching Castiel make do on his own and I, like Dead, was very proud of the progress he had made. By utilizing his natural intelligence and his skills of observation, Cas had gone from being completely destitute to having a job and a purpose in life. Sure, it wasn’t saving the world, but he had managed to find some dignity in it.

But when Ephram arrived and said that he’d felt Cas’ pain for miles, I realized that it had all been an act – at least the part where Cas was content with his current situation. He still wanted to be out there fighting the good fight and making right what he’d (inadvertently this time) made wrong. Being a helpless human was causing him internal pain, so much so that Ephram thought the best way to handle it was to smite him into oblivion. I’m glad of course that didn’t happen, but I wonder how much longer Cas can simply stand by the sidelines. He’s already proved he can survive on his own so maybe it’s time he gets back in the game.

Crowley’s story this week was also very interesting. First he discovered that Abaddon was ruining all of his work in Hell and allowing chaos to reign by pulling souls before their time. Sure, she’d doubled his numbers in a very short time, but I think he was right when he said that it was going to backfire on her. I think there was a reason Crowley did things the way he did and she’s going to find that out at some point. Plus, he discovered that the spell that tossed the angels out of Heaven can’t be reversed, which put everyone else on Team Free Will in a tough predicament.

But the biggest part of Crowley’s story of course came when Sam caught him shooting up that blood. Last week, I talked about Crowley’s feels and what they could mean, but I hadn’t really thought of him actively seeking out those feels. It looks like Crowley is craving the high (or whatever) he got when Sam dosed him with blood. Does that mean that Crowley is trying to become more human? Or could it be that he simply likes the way it makes him feel and isn’t thinking about any long-term affects? Either way, I cannot wait to see how that plays out.

My favorite bits:

The way Cas was observing the other guys to see how to act. Very smart.

Cas’ failed high five attempt. So adorkable.

Dean’s “awesome” at finding out that they had all 24 of the volumes.

Poor Cas trying to fix the slushy machine while talking to Dean.

I was so waiting for Cas’ boss to ask him to babysit.

“We’re not keeping him chained up for the one liners.'” – Hey, speak for yourself there, Dean. I’d totally keep Crowley chained up for his one liners.

Cas’ very intense thumbs-up and “Good luck” to the lady who bought the lottery ticket.

“Wow, so you went from heavenly battles to nuking taquitos.”
“Nachos, too.”

Sam pointing out that, like it or not, there was still a little part of Crowley that wasn’t a douche.

Sam telling Crowley that Abaddon was scarier than he’d been in years. Oooh, burn.

Crowley throwing the paper at Sam and then folding his arms like a petulant child.

Cas saying that he failed at being an angel, but at least had a chance at some human dignity. It would’ve worked better if Nora hadn’t come then to tell him there was a mess in the bathroom, but still.

“Going on dates, that’s something humans do, right?”
“My dates usually end when I run out of singles, but yeah.”

Dean asking Cas to come with him and pointing out he never had powers either and telling Cas he was a hunter in training. MY HEART.

Dean spotting that Cas was scared.

Dean telling Cas to stay safe and go on his date and live a normal life.

Dean helping Cas change his wardrobe and then coaching him on how to be on a date. So freaking adorable. I especially enjoyed the part about unbuttoning his shirt. Damn, if it didn’t work, too. Cas looked hot in that shirt and those jeans.

Cas picking the rose and then waving Dean off.

Ha! Did I call that or what? Aw, poor Cas.

Crowley getting a bad connection on the demon network and being put on hold.

Cas holding the baby and singing The Greatest American Hero theme song. I can’t even..

Cas having a heart-to-heart with the baby, because he understood how it felt.

Cas realizing the baby was warm. Uh oh.

“Don’t… touch… her.” – God, I loves me some Protective!Cas.

Ephram announcing that he was there for Castiel. Uh oh.

Crowley discovering that Abaddon was taking souls before their time and voiding all of his contracts.

Dean sliding the blade to Cas so he could kill Ephram. Awesome.

Sam catching Crowley shooting up the blood. Okay, WHOA.

Dean telling Cas that he was proud of him. So. Much. Awww.

Dean choosing not to tell Cas about being unable to reverse the spell.

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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