Revolution Season 2 Review “Come Blow Your Horn”

Revolution Season Episode 8 Come Blow Your Own Horn (1)

There was a definite sense of escalation in “Come Blow Your Horn,” this week’s episode of Revolution. With Aaron finally captured by the Patriots, tension in the Matheson family building, and Tom once more working his way into the good graces of the Patriots, a lot happened to move the plot forward in a big way.

Rachel was still reeling from her father’s betrayal, which provided a twisted opportunity for her to bond with Charlie over parental hatred. This was one of the episode’s strongest scenes, as it had the two speaking more frankly with one another than they ever have. It also served to build just how angry Rachel was, which made her decision to bomb the Patriots headquarters whether Gene was inside or not a tense situation. Of course, once we saw that Aaron and Cynthia were in the Patriots headquarters, it was clear that Rachel wasn’t going to drop the poison. The show made the right call, though, by having Miles stop Rachel. The scene made it clear that Rachel was willing to go through with it and kill her father, as opposed to sending her into a sentimental state.

Meanwhile, Tom and Jason reached North Carolina, with Tom bringing another of his devious plans along with him. Though the past few weeks have highlighted his skill on the battlefield, this is how Tom works best, when he can manipulate people to do what he wants. Not only did he engineer a meeting with Justine’s husband, he was able to get the man to sacrifice his wife to save his own reputation. We also learned that though Tom was able to get through to him, Jason is still struggling against the indoctrination. This story is still moving forward at a slower rate, but it serves as a good counterbalance to the Willoughby scenes.

I did have a few nitpicks with this week’s episode. For one, the two flashback scenes to Horn’s childhood felt pretty superfluous. His mother’s fatal illness was supposed to tie to his own, but it failed to add any weight to his characterization. More troubling was Monroe’s decision to abandon Aaron. Now, I get that he’d be less inclined to redeem himself after learning Miles kept his son a secret, but I doubt Miles is going to be very talkative after learning what Monroe did. Still, these issues didn’t take away from another solid episode of the show.

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