NCIS Season 11 Review “Alibi” – Tony Goes on a New Path


In this episode of NCIS, called “Alibi,” the team works with an old friend to solve a very complicated case, while Tony surprises McGee with the new direction he is going with his life.

Just when I thought that Tony’s story couldn’t get any better, we find out some more information about him that paints him in a new light. For the past few episodes, McGee has said multiple times that Tony has changed and it’s been obvious that something was different about him. The mystery wasn’t so much why the changes were happening, but the how had eluded me so far. Tony has been calmer and more professional, but still hasn’t lost his sense of humor or his ability to have fun.

How has he been pulling off this amazing feat? It turns out he’s been getting some help by going to a men’s meeting at a local church. I love the idea that Tony has been talking to his peers and opening up, as well as learning how to be less judgmental from the reverend. It makes complete sense now why he would be acting so differently and I don’t think I can express how much I am enjoying where his character is going this season.

But it’s not just Tony who seems to be acting differently these days. Gibbs is a much lighter version of himself, too. As we saw in this episode, he is still able to kick some butt when he needs to (re-watch the scene where he had Cliff in interrogation if you don’t believe me), but he is also not completely immune to smiles and making jokes. It’s as if he and Tony have both found their balance and I for one, love it.

Other than the revelations about Tony and Gibbs, I did enjoy the main story this week. Three suspects and two murders (with a third still in the planning stages), made for a truly intriguing case. I also liked how Carrie worked with the group. As this week’s guest agent, she did a great job at playing both sides of the case. She never violated the attorney/client privilege, but she gave Gibbs just enough clues to lead them in the right direction. Also, and I could be completely crazy here, but did I detect some flirting going on between she and Gibbs? I doubt myself because she seems a bit young for him, but they did have good chemistry together – even if only as friends.

Overall, another great episode of this show that continues to get better and better this season. Next week we meet Ziva’s actual replacement and I’m hopeful that it won’t ruin the good thing we’ve had going for these past few episodes.

My favorite bits:

“If you hens are finished, I could do with some help.”

Tony showing up with a mysterious “friend.” I’m intrigued.

Abby of course narrowing down the make and model of the vehicle from a teeny, tiny piece of plastic.

“Just ’cause I make it look easy, doesn’t mean it is.”

Tony’s noncommittal response when McGee said he’d never committed to a woman.

McGee catching Dunne before he could escape.

“You always smell so great.”
“Let me guess, you missed the sexual harassment meeting again this year.”

Everyone’s reaction when they realized that Carrie was Dunne’s lawyer.

Tony calling Fornell to get the skinny on Carrie. I have a hard time believing Fornell would help with a request like that.

Carrie finding out that her client’s solid alibi was murder. There’s one you don’t hear every day.

“Do you have to know everything?”
“Yes, it’s in my DNA.” – Ha! Very true.

Jimmy explaining why he loved running – not realizing that Ducky was talking about hit-and-runs.

Tony happily pointing out that there was a sex store near the phone booth.

“Nah, we gotta go. He gets hungry.”
“It’s true.”

“Don’t be silly, Gibbs, thumb prints don’t have names. People do.”

Gibbs giving Abby a hug for discovering the thumb print.

McGee happily informing Tony that he’d been seen getting off a bus.

Tony happily admitting that he enjoyed riding the bus.

“Best of all, I get to watch people. People are fascinating.”

The way Gibbs said “Hickory, Dickory, Dockry.”

Gibbs going off on Cliff in interrogation. Loved it.

“I’m not big on weddings.” – Ha! Ya don’t say.

Gibbs giving Paul his knife to cut his burger.

“That little man must have a big, big… bank account.”

Gibbs’ little smile after telling Tony to check out Olivia.

Kind of wanting to punch Dunne when he asked when he would get his truck back.

Tony stopping himself before going off on McGee. Interesting.

‘Tony, you have no idea what I do on my time off.” – Oooh, do tell, McGee.

McGee’s shock when he found out Tony’s new friend was a reverend.

Finding out that Tony had started going to a men’s support group.

The way McGee just kept right on staring as Tony explained why he’d started going to his meetings.

The look on Olivia’s face when she saw the squad cars pull up.

Dockry arresting Dunne. Yes!

Gibbs’ laugh when Carrie told him they found the murder weapon in Dunne’s toilet tank.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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