Arrow Season 2 Review “Keep Your Enemies Closer”

We’ve spent a great deal of the season dealing with Oliver’s inner demons, so this episode of Arrow was a bit of a departure. Oliver’s angst mostly took a backseat to Dig’s issues. While Oliver and Dig were on a job, Dig was contacted by the super secret government agency that Lyla works for. Actually, they tasered Dig, threw a bag over his head, kidnapped him and zip-tied him to a chair just so they could let him know that Lyla was missing. Seriously people, try a phone next time. At any rate, they told Dig that Lyla was chasing down Deadshot when she disappeared and they wanted Dig to go to Russia and bring Lyla back. Dig was fully prepared to go handle it on his own, but Oliver wouldn’t have it. He and Felicity dropped what they were doing to go help Dig find Lyla. After a few explosions, shootouts, and general butt kicking, Dig (with some help from his friends) retrieved Lyla and everyone made it back home in one piece.

While Dig was looking for Lyla in the prison, he found himself chained up next to Deadshot. Dig looked like he wanted to rip Deadshot’s face off, and I believe he would have if he hadn’t been chained up. However, after Deadshot killed the guard that was helping Dig find Lyla, Dig reluctantly agreed to help Deadshot get out if he told Dig where Lyla was. It’s amazing the things you’ll do for the people that you love. Dig hates Deadshot with every fiber of his being, but because he loves Lyla, he put that aside and did what he had to do. It certainly wasn’t easy for him, but his love for Lyla was stronger than his hatred for Deadshot. Dig would’ve been happy to just put a bullet in him, but he couldn’t bring himself to murder a man in cold blood. Even if it was the man who killed his brother. One thing that did come from Dig working with Deadshot is that he found out that his brother didn’t die protecting someone else; he was actually the target. Deadshot claimed not to know who paid him to kill Andy, but he gave Dig the alias HIVE. So now Dig is on a path to chase down whoever HIVE is.

This whole Russian mission was a different situation for Olivier. He’s used to being the one in control and calling the shots. This time, though, he had to relinquish most of that control to Dig. Oliver still laid out the plan, but he was mostly working behind the scenes. After he got Dig into the prison, Dig was pretty much going to be on his own and all Oliver could do was wait. Oliver doesn’t do waiting very well. Especially when his friends’ lives are on the line. Oliver would always rather it be him who’s getting kidnapped, shot at, or otherwise put in danger. Dig has been a really good friend to Oliver, and he’s risked his life for Oliver on more than one occasion. Oliver took this opportunity to return the favor.

I’m not sure how I feel about Felicity’s jealousy at Oliver sleeping with Isobel. I mean, ever since Felicity showed up in Oliver’s life I’ve wanted them to be a couple. Felicity is smart, funny, kindhearted, and not afraid to put Oliver in his place when she must. I was stoked when Oliver made her a part of the inner circle because it removed the last barrier keeping them apart. Well, except for the fact that Oliver was still pining for Laurel. It seems that his feelings for her have changed now though, and he’s not interested in pursing a romantic relationship with her. Basically, the path is clear for Olicity to become a real thing. I’m really excited about this. However, I am not thrilled about the awkward turn their relationship took in this episode. Felicity and Oliver have been working pretty closely together and their friendship has grown by leaps and bounds. But at the end of the day, neither of them has given any indication that they were romantically interested in the other. Therefore, Felicity getting into a bit of a huff about Oliver’s tryst with Isobel seemed to come out of nowhere. It felt forced and clunky. I suppose it was intended to set the stage for Oliver and Felicity to become more romantically and/or sexually intimate, but they needed to do a bit more working up to that over the course of several episodes as opposed to just plunking it down in this one.

One of the less interesting aspects of this episode was the Roy/Thea relationship. I really like Roy. Thea, not so much. Which is probably why I find myself rolling my eyes at her most of the time. Moira’s lawyer came to Thea and told her that it was hurting Moira’s case for Thea to be dating a known felon. First off, that lawyer was completely out of line. She had no right to tell Thea to break up with Roy. If she can’t win Mora’s case simply because Thea is dating a bad boy, then she’s not a very good lawyer. Second off, I don’t get why Thea felt the need to lie to Roy. Why couldn’t she have just come out and told him what the lawyer said? If she had told him the truth, I think he probably would’ve understood. Alas, Thea didn’t even give Roy the chance to show her what a good guy he really is. It’s sad when your mother has to patch up your love life from her prison cell. Like I said, not a big Thea fan.

Overall, I’d say this was a pretty good episode. I’m always interested to find out more about the supporting characters, so I’m glad we got to find out more about Dig. Fiding out that Lyla was his wife and the circumstances under which their marriage ended helps to add layers to Dig and round him out some more. It also added layers to Dig’s relationship with Oliver and Felicity. The longer that team works together, the stronger they get. Love it. Thankfully Laurel was absent from this episode, so instead we got a chance to find out more about Isobel. I’m not really looking forward to spending a whole lot of time with her either though. I like Summer Glau a whole lot, but I don’t particularly care for Isobel because she doesn’t necessarily have a function. She only seems to show up to glare at Oliver, complain about him not regularly attending board meetings, and accuse him of not taking his job seriously enough. I just hope they have something better for her down the road. My few little quibbles aside, this was a good episode. So what did y’all think of this week’s Arrow?

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