The Originals Season 1 Review “Bloodletting”

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” it was transitional episode time, in the aptly-titled “Bloodletting.” Turns out I wasn’t far from wrong when I predicted it had been Tyler on the show that had saved Hayley’s hide a few episodes back. Only he ended up cropping up in the flesh on “The Vampire Diaries” first, if only to reunite with his beloved Caroline, then after a considerable amount of taking advantage (not that I blame him there), to promptly dump her to go after Klaus.

On this episode, we discovered it was actually him who wolf-napped Hayley, not Marcel as assumed, in part to lure Klaus out to him, but also to alert her to the fact that Klaus had nefarious plans for her child, namely to use the child to reboot the whole hybrid thing again. While he wasn’t wrong, there was a bit of a wrinkle in Klaus’ plans- it seems that the hybrids in question were beholden to their mama, as in Hayley, which she discovered after Tyler somewhat viciously used her to successfully create a hybrid himself, only to see it end up obeying mama instead of him.

Tyler ultimately killed the hybrid in question, but by then Klaus had made the scene and a showdown ensued, with Tyler predictably ending up on the losing end, only Klaus let him go, deciding that letting Tyler suffer was the way to go, rather than giving him a quick death. What a giver, that Klaus. Honestly, I’m not too thrilled with what they did with Tyler, between this and his use on “TVD.” As if sexing up Caroline repeatedly, only to dump her wasn’t bad enough, he’s got to manhandle Hayley, kidnap her, cut her and generally abuse her? Not too cool, Tyler.

At least he left her a clue to her past or it would have been a total loss. It would seem that Hayley might actually be related to a long line of Labonairs listed in the front of a Bible Tyler left behind, the last of which, Andrea, just happened to share Hayley’s birthday, which means they are likely one and the same. According to Tyler, she might be werewolf “royalty” or what have you, the last in a long line of high-end werewolves. Not sure what that means exactly, but at the very least, she might be stronger than she thought previously. That may also help explain how she got pregnant in the first place with a vampire’s baby.

Meanwhile, Marcel, having now figured out where the Originals’ lair was at the end of the last episode, also absconded with Josh, Klaus’ lackey that he compelled to report on Marcel’s actions. Taking her to Davina’s attic, Marcel had her begin the process of de-compelling Josh, hoping to be able to turn him into a spy for himself. She succeeded, but with a caveat, as the two bonded and she opted not to make him forget what had happened, as per Marcel’s instructions. So, Josh is basically his own person now, -or vampire, as the case is. And a gay one at that! Just what every gal needs: a gay bestie. With fangs, no less.

Beyond that, about the only other thing that went down was the return of Rebekah, who looks to be playing both sides against each other, as in Marcel and Klaus. I think she’s just about had it with both of them, although she clearly still has lingering feelings for Marcel, and was obviously touched by his revelation that he had planned on building them a house to occupy before she bolted town, at which point he abandoned it and the foundation became the place he buried/walled up those who betrayed him. Now he wants to do the same to Klaus, with Rebekah’s help. Will she or won’t she?

Hard to say…blood is thicker than water and all that. However, I do think she’s about had it with Klaus in particular. Thing is, she may not get much chance to make up her mind, as Tyler promptly tracked down Marcel and told him what he thought Klaus was actually up to. So, everyone’s basically on the same page now, only neither knows that the other knows what they know. I guess we’ll be waiting at least a few weeks to find out ourselves, as the show doesn’t air next week. (A Lady Gaga special will air instead, so at least they’re going with something scary in the meantime, if not even scarier!)

All in all, a solid episode, even if not much happened overall, save the whole Tyler meltdown. I think Hayley is being set up to become a force to be reckoned with, and I predict Davina will likewise be less and less inclined to obeying much of anybody in episodes to come. At this point, she’s still cool with Elijah, but the threads between her and Marcel are clearly beginning to fray, as evidenced by another instance of her going against something he asked her to do (first her covering for Elijah when he came out of his daggering early, then her not compelling Josh to forget what went on between them). It will be interesting to see how all this plays out over the next few episodes.

What did you think of “The Originals” this week? Disappointed in Tyler? Proud of Hayley and Davina? Whose side do you think Rebekah will take- or will she go her own way? Is Elijah right to give Klaus yet another chance? Is Klaus actually getting attached to his baby or not? How will things ultimately play out between him and Marcel? Comment below and I’ll see you in a few weeks!