‘The Jeselnik Offensive’ Cancelled by Comedy Central

The Jeselnik Offensive

Comedy Central has announced that they won’t be picking up a third season of the late night series The Jeselnik Offensive. According to Splitsider, prior to the network’s confirmation, host and star of the series Anthony Jeselnik informed an audience at the New York Comedy Festival over the weekend of the show’s cancellation.

Jeselnik’s show was well known for its wild and crazy antics, but Comedy Central was said to have been lenient about the colorful content of his show. It was due to low ratings that the network decided against picking up a third season.

“Oh yeah. They’ve given me almost total freedom,” Jeselnik said. “The only time they’ve ever said you can’t do anything was right after the Boston Marathon. No Viacom show could mention it, not even make fun of it, just mention it or bring it up, and that was our last episode. I was kind of annoyed about it because that’s what the show is for and so we did a bit called “Top Three Things We’re Not Allowed to Talk About” and that was kind of our way of getting around that. Now on this season, I make Boston jokes every chance I get.”

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