Bones Season 9: Guess Who’s Back

Last month on the long-running FOX drama Bones, Agent Seeley Booth (series lead David Boreanaz) finally brought down serial killer Christopher Pelant (recurring guest star Andrew Leeds) with one fatal bullet to the chest, bringing to a close two seasons filled with murder and mayhem.

But according to a report at TV Line, it would seem that Pelant isn’t finishedwith Booth or his new wife Temperance Brennan (series lead Emily Deschanel), as he will be back for at least one episode in 2014. Fans shouldn’t worry, though, as Pelant is still dead, and executive producer Stephen Nathan had this to share about the return, “He will be back in the flesh, but somewhat ethereal in the show”.

The big question will be if Pelant will be back to “pass the torch” to a new villain – a female serial killer behind the death of several bodies in the Jeffersonian lab – which he warned Brennan and Booth about in the past.

Nathan further shared that “Brennan is the type of person who is not going to forget the words of warning that were given to her by Pelant. We will see how immersed and overwhelmed Brennan is by the idea of this new serial killer”.

‘Bones’, now in its 9th season, will move to its new night starting on Friday, November 15 at 8/7c.