Boardwalk Empire Season 4 “White Horse Pike” Review

To the writers and producers of Boardwalk Empire, please don’t give me a season full of outstanding performances episode after episode by Michael K. Williams as Chalky White only to have us lose him. In fact, can we just have a spinoff with Chalky and Richard Harrow?

And to the individuals responsible for nominating actors for major awards, please consider Michael K. Williams. He was already robbed as the charismatic Omar Little on The Wire. Speaking of Omar, Chalky could take a little advice from him on how to properly go after someone you’re trying to murder. Chalky opted for a very audacious street attack with no regard to witnesses and didn’t even get his guy. Omar moved in silence and violence – something Chalky should have considered.

Chalky has now escaped death TWICE! Can he really survive another attempt? Perhaps Chalky will survive, but one of his kids will not. Oh, Mabelle. Will he and Nucky get an opportunity to talk through the misunderstanding that I’m sure has left Chalky thinking that Nucky gave him up.

That Sally is really starting to grow on me. Poor, Nucky. He just can’t seem to find a way to be a hands-off, stress-free gangster. It looks like Nucky was unknowingly smuggling more than hooch – his business partners have also been using his Tampa deal to smuggle heroin.

I never thought that anyone could be more menacing than Agent Van Alden, but Agent Knox might just be worse. I know, I know – Van Alden wrongfully drowned his partner. That was uncalled for and more than a little crazy. Despite his erratic behavior, there was something still likeable and more intriguing about Van Alden. Agent Knox, however, is ruthless and slimy. He goes after people’s families and he’s good at manipulation, but not all that great at his job.

Other thoughts

I LOVED the scene with Nucky and Meyer, but it’s hard to take those moments too seriously because I know what becomes of Meyer Lansky. It doesn’t make the show any less entertaining, but I don’t get quite as nervous as I normally would when a character I like has a gun to his head.

I knew Arnold would be back to see Margaret after her boss swindled him out of his money. I don’t know what to make of Margaret. She left Nucky because of his criminal activity and infidelity, yet is currently earning a living cheating people out of their money. How long before Arnold tells Nucky about Margaret’s current lifestyle? Margaret was always a practical woman.

Mickey Doyle is still alive. The guy is more resilient than a cockroach.

I really wish the writers could find a way to take Jeffrey Wright and Michael K. Williams into the next season of Boardwalk Empire, but it’s not possible. Right? There’s no way Chalky and Narcisse can continue to coexist. *sigh*

I haven’t been a fan at all of the Will Thompson storyline this season, but I like how he is now in a position to tell his Uncle Nucky that Mayor Bader is in business with Narcisse.

The look on Nucky’s face when Masseria introduced Narcisse as his partner was priceless.

I like that Al Capone enjoys a full-bodied woman.

It’s certainly no coincidence that Nucky has a problem with Narcisse and J. Edgar Hoover is focusing on Marcus Garvey’s U.N.I.A., which is where Narcisse just happens to work.

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