The Walking Dead Season 4 Review “Internment”

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5 Internment (1)

The Walking Dead returned tonight with the fourth episode in a row that was titled with an “I” word, with tonight’s being “Internment”. Following “Infected”, “Isolation”, and “Indifference”, tonight’s episode was also the first episode since AMC’s completely unsurprising announcement that The Walking Dead is coming back for a fifth season! Although there was never really much of a question of this happening, we now know for sure that this season won’t be building up to any sort of conclusion.

Even though we’re obviously not ramping up to a conclusion, this season really didn’t seem to be ramping up to anything in particular so far. Our crew is still at the prison (except Carol after last week), and they’re still dealing with this mysterious virus, but aside from the very last shot tonight we really had no direction of where this season was going. Does that mean that this episode was boring, though? Definitely not!

If you would have told me before the season began that the Hershel centric episode would be the most exciting episode of the season, I would not have believed you. That turned out to be the case, though, as the situation at the prison came to a head this week. At first it seemed pretty mild, with just a few more red shirts dying off, but there was nothing else notable to report. Sasha and Glen are still sick, and the “other doctor” Caleb was the only one who seemed like a goner, but he turned out to be the only one to go tonight that has had any speaking parts prior to this episode. I was kind of hoping that Sasha would die, just so that we would have a meaningful character succumb to the sickness, but it turns out that she had just passed out from dehydration. I have a feeling the only thing keeping her character around is the fact that Tyreese just lost Karen, so it would seem like piling on if he lost his sister as well.

It was interesting to see how Maggie reacted to the news of Carol’s alleged betrayal. I don’t know if I’m reading too much into this, or if I’m just clutching onto this crackpot theory of Carol being innocent, but it did look like she knew about it before Rick said something, didn’t it? She certainly seemed to be holding something back besides sadness or disappointment. Did anybody else get that feeling? Is there still a chance that Carol is innocent?

With the first half hour being mostly devoted to Hershel looking after sick people and Rick talking to the Greene family, the final half hour of the episode was a straight up zombie extravaganza! Not only did all of the red shirts in the prison turn, but the fence came down at the exact same time! The stuff in the prison was pretty cool, but I really loved the awesome moment shared between Carl and Rick. Talk about some father-son bonding time!

As exciting as this episode was, it was slightly marred by a few frustrating and stupid decisions. First, I really didn’t get why Rick didn’t come running as soon as he heard gunshots. I get that it’s important to reinforce the fence and all, but isn’t the point of reinforcing the fence so that you can protect the people inside the prison? If you heard gunshots coming from inside, wouldn’t it be priority number one to investigate? Also, I get that Hershel wants to hide the deaths of the walkers from the kids, but maybe it’s not the best idea to back yourself up against a wall just to protect their innocence. They’ve seen some nasty stuff tonight, and they watched their own father get stabbed in the head, so I’m sure it wouldn’t scar them any further to see a couple walkers go down. Especially since it was in self defense.

Oh, and how long have they had that stockpile of assault rifles and ammo just laying around? Couldn’t they have just dispensed with the walkers at the fence before tonight? There wasn’t any walkers at the fence the next morning, so it seemed to go a long way to alleviate that pressure.

Even though they haven’t had much in the way of direction before tonight, we finally get a glimpse of The Governor this evening, as we see him watching Rick and Carl farming. I guess he’s going to be the main villain from now on, with the sickness apparently receding, but that just makes the sickness seem like even more of a plot device. They clearly needed something to come in and thin the herd before the real villain comes back into the picture, so they had all of the unimportant characters come down with a cold and get killed off. Even the characters that we know that got sick are, miraculously, some of the only ones still alive. I’m very interested to see where The Governor has been all this time, and how many of his followers are still with him after he slaughtered all of those people last season. I guess we’ll find out next week!

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Random Thoughts:

– Hershel’s “Spaghetti Thursday” line was a nice bit of levity from him. We very rarely get any semblance of humor on this show, especially from Hershel, so it was definitely a nice reprieve from the rest of the dreary episode.

– Did anybody else get faked out by the Carol/Daryl scene in the middle of the commercials at the 15 minute mark? I stopped fast forwarding to watch it because I thought the show was back, but then I was totally confused why we were getting a season two flashback all of a sudden! They did it again at the 54 minute mark!

– There was yet another licensed song used tonight, with “Oats in the Water” by Ben Howard playing while Hershel killed that dude on the stretcher and then again when he read his Bible at the end. I’m not sure how I feel about this, as it really just feels like an excuse for them to cross promote and sell a Walking Dead soundtrack. Having licensed music on a TV show where nobody can really listen to music just sounds weird. Music doesn’t exist in this world. It’s different from Breaking Bad and Mad Men, where music can actually exist in those worlds. What do you guys think?