Revenge Season 3 Review “Resurgence”

Revenge Season 3 Episode 7 Resurgence (8)

Revenge took a bit of breather with this week’s episode, “Resurgence.” Coming off the departure of Patrick last week, Conrad was ready to reinvent the Grayson family image. With another Grayson party as the backdrop, the focus this week was definitely on the relationships, built around a one-and-done case of revenge.

Once again, I feel bad for Nolan, who seems to be the emotional punching bag for the season. This week, we learned that Conrad’s PR agent Bizzy was the one that outed Nolan, destroying any chance for him to reconcile with his father. A lot of this material felt unnecessary, if only because we don’t really need more reason to sympathize with Nolan; he’s one of the show’s strongest, fleshed-out characters. That said, it was definitely fun to see him at the head of revenge plot for once. His mercy towards Bizzy also reinforced the notion that he’s Emily’s strongest link to humanity.

Meanwhile, Jack continued his relationship with Margaux, and it continues to provide a glimmer of happiness among the dark dealings of the other characters. Much like Nolan, though, Jack has had an unfortunate history of briefly finding happiness only to have it ripped away from him. As a result, while I was glad to see him finally put Amanda’s death behind him, I continue to wait for the other shoe to drop on Margaux. Who knows, though, maybe what they have will endure the numerous trials of the Hamptons.

While it didn’t get much focus, Sarah’s return began to have an effect on Daniel, who began to remember how he felt for her before his parents drove them apart. None of the stuff here was that surprising, though Victoria joining Charlotte’s scheme meant she could give Aiden a really cheesy speech about driving out the British on Independence Day.

With the wedding just over a month away, it seems clear that Sarah is likely the last major obstacle in Emily’s way. It seems next week, the storyline will be back in gear.

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