Haven Season 4 Review “William”

Haven Season 4 Episode 9 William 02

Just when we think that Nathan and Audrey have made it through all the obstacles and can finally be happy together, Haven pulls the rug right out from under us. What should have been a happy occasion, the return of William (Colin Ferguson), becomes a complete disaster for all our Havenites.

When we left off last week, Audrey looked like she might shoot Nathan (though ardent viewers would never believe that was possible). Of course, she doesn’t. Duke, Jennifer, Vince, and Dave rush in and find Audrey shooting after the creepy big guy. As they head to the police station, Vince and Dave tell Nathan that the prophecy has changed and that if Audrey kills her true love, it will be catastrophically bad. This definitely seems like things are looking up for Nathan.

Haven Season 4 Episode 9 William 07

Meanwhile, the creepy small guy attack and kidnap Dwight. Once in front of his captors, Dwight manages to call Nathan. Nathan and Duke are able to figure out where Dwight is being kept and head out to save him. The creepy duo is intent on finding a box, but Dwight has no clue what they are talking about. Our trouble-fighting crew bursts in, takes the creepy guys into custody and discovers William being held in another room. Case closed with a happy ending? Of course not. This is Haven.

For a brief moment, it is good to see William again. He claims that he can’t remember anything except waking up in captivity. Audrey is empathetic and tries to put him at ease. After all, if anyone knows the damaging effects of recurring amnesia, it’s Audrey. But, something definitely is off with William. He’s a little too clingy to Audrey and says some things that put Nathan in a bad light.

Haven Season 4 Episode 9 William 03

Incarceration doesn’t stop the creepy duo from continuing their campaign of terror. Coming into contact with them exposes our Havenites to a black blob that goes into their brains and alters their perceptions. The hallucinations are extreme. However, they also seem to reveal some of the inner fears of the characters. Dwight imagines that Duke has turned to the dark side, Jennifer worries that Duke thinks she is crazy and Duke still isn’t over Audrey, and Nathan is consumed with jealousy over William. The images they see might not be real, but the emotions underlying them are. They all recover once the black blob is removed from their heads, but there has to be some fallout.

Haven Season 4 Episode 9 William 04

Audrey and William try to beat the creepy duo to the spot where William thinks the box is hidden. He finds it, but then reveals his true motivation. William is not who he seems. He tells Audrey that she isn’t Audrey, but actually the woman that used to be in love with him. He knew they were still connected when they touched at the police station and lightening zapped between them. As for the creepy duo – they work for William. All of this was an elaborate ruse to reunite William with not-Audrey. Now we see that there is yet another threat to Audrey and Nathan. Arg!

The twist with William is interesting. We don’t know enough yet about who he really is and in what way he’s connected to not-Audrey. It’s a shame that the old prophecy isn’t in place, because then Audrey could regain her not-Audrey memories, remember her love for William, kill him, and end the troubles. Only problem is that not-Audrey may not love Nathan. Additional problem – William is a bad guy. He’s done some bad things by bringing new troubles to the people of Haven. If he once had a relationship with not-Audrey, does that mean she was bad, too? Can we expect that our kind-hearted Audrey may be replaced by a bizarro, darker version? That would really suck.

Though the tenor of the episode was dark, there were still several funny moments. The best was Jennifer’s hallucination of Duke in the straight jacket. Another good one was when Audrey announces a Code Red in the station and says that Nathan and Dwight have fallen victim to a toxin from a . . . “gas leak,” Duke shouts. Haven sure does have a lot of gas leaks.

Haven Season 4 Episode 9 William 05

Some other random thoughts from this episode – I really like the coroner, Gloria (Jayne Eastwood). I would like to see even more of her. Her wisecracks and self-deprecation balance out the harshness of Haven’s high body count. I also think that since the cat is out of the bag and Audrey is back, she should ditch the Lexie nose ring and hair.

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