Grimm Season 3 Review “A Dish Best Served Cold”

Grimm Season 3 Episode 3 A Dish Best Served Cold (3)

Last season, I felt like Grimm lacked consistency and could be a great show, but wasn’t quite there. So far, this season is a big improvement and is finally stating to fulfill the show’s potential. This week, Nick and Hank tackle a gruesome case of exploding stomachs and try to stop a war between Wesen. You know, just another day’s work at Portland P.D.

We start with Nick undergoing a rigorous physical. His super powers have definitely kicked in. The doctor tries several different ways to elevate Nick’s heart and blood pressure, but it’s just not happening. Considering Nick’s mom is such a ninja-bad ass, maybe this is something that has been in Nick all along and just needed to be triggered. He gets the all clear, but we know that something isn’t right. I think he will need a visit from his mother to help him figure out the changes within him.

Over a romantic dinner, Monroe asks Rosalee to move in with him. Their relationship is great because it is so solid. They’re loving, solicitous, playful, and supportive of one another. This also worries me, though. Whenever personal relationships are going well and main characters are happy, there is always something that has to come and throw a wrench into everything.

This is all lovely, but then we get to the mystery of the week. Several people are found dead in trees with their stomachs blown out. This was one of the more revolting deaths we’ve seen on Grimm. During the investigation, Juliette again demonstrates that she adds value to the team. She tells Nick about medical conditions that involve distended stomachs. This version of Juliette feels like a reward after last season’s punishment. Gone is Juliette’s whining and blank stares.

The team figures out that the people who died all ate at the Raven & Rose restaurant. This is the same restaurant that Rosalee and Monroe ate at. Fortunately for Monroe, when Rosalee kept him from eating a little meat tart, “compliments of the chef,” she also saved him from ingesting a poisonous mushroom that kills Blutbads. Why would the chef be trying to kill Blutbads? Because he is a Bauerschwein.

Meanwhile, in jolly old Austria, Adalind seems to take the death of Eric surprisingly hard. She actually cries. I didn’t think that Adalind had real feelings for him. She always gave the impression that she was just using him. At the same time, Renard’s henchman is hard at work trying to figure out what happened to Frau Pech. The trail leads him to Adalind. I think it’s time to move her story along a bit quicker. It feels like she’s been pregnant for ages, but she still isn’t even showing.

This episode had everything you want to see in Grimm: an interesting creature of the week plot, further development of the ongoing story of Adalind, strengthening of personal relationships, and humor. For Nick, we are seeing hints that he’s suffering a crisis of conscience. He is overwhelmed by guilt for killing the man in the bar fight, but he’s also starting to think that maybe killing Wesen is problematic. After Renard aptly points out that Nick never seems to care when he kills Wesen, Nick seems taken aback. Later, when Monroe proposes that they kill the Bauerschwein, Nick is reluctant to do so. It’s going to be a big problem if Nick stops killing Wesen. First, it is completely against his Grimm nature. Second, he can’t arrest every Wesen who breaks the law. Third, he shouldn’t forget that there are bad Wesen and good Wesen, and the former may deserve harsher treatment.

There were all sorts of little Oregon references this week that were cute. For example, Monroe extols the flavor of Willamette Valley wine. Also, during the investigation, Wu explains that nobody noticed the victim climbing the tree, because this is Portland. There were also touching moments between the characters, such as the surprise party for Nick, and the awkward exchange between him and Monroe. I liked the twist that Nick didn’t actually shoot Monroe, and Renard’s comment on the Bauerschwein’s confession, “This little piggy went to jail.”

I am so happy that this show is turning things around and getting stronger.

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