‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Trailers Preview The Doctor’s Darkest Day

“Great men are forged in fire.”

Here we go, Whovians, the official 50th Anniversary Doctor Who “Day of the Doctor” trailer has arrived–two trailers, in fact–and they are things of intergalactic, timey-wimey beauty. The sight of Ten and Eleven side by side should be enough to have everyone breaking out some good old-fashioned squee, but Rose (Rose!) is there as well getting her Bad Wolf on, while Clara and Eleven share a dance. Then there is what certainly looks like the fall of Gallifrey accompanied by a battle that manages to be Star Wars level cool and a heart punch all at once. Give me your best Geronimo and then dive into the trailers below.

Are they everything you hoped they would be?

“The Day of The Doctor” premieres Saturday, November 23rd at 2:50PM ET on BBC America stateside. The event is being globally simulcast, so if you live outside the States, check your local listings.