Reign Season 1 Review “Hearts and Minds”

Hearts and Minds

Though past weeks of Reign have quite rightly been all about Mary, this episode, ‘Hearts and Minds’, was much more about the many men who have entered her life since arriving in France. Francis is finally fighting for her in the way that we’d expect and the seemingly innocuous Tomas turns into a pantomime villain worthy of slaying – while Bash still seems to be staying out of the love triangle trap. Mary steps into the spotlight at the end of the episode by renegotiating her deal with France on her terms, but she first has to disentangle herself from the bad decisions she made last week.

As we begin, Bash lays dying from his wounds in battle last week but, this being episode four, we’re pretty sure he isn’t going to die. It was touch and go there, though, with Lola’s admission that she’s nursed two brothers into the grave. She says it like it’s something to recommend her as Bash’s nurse, but I took it suggest that he shouldn’t let her anywhere near him. Do we sense the beginnings of a romance here? With Mary and Francis growing closer, isn’t it time we introduce the second brother to shake things up? Maybe we sold Reign short when we assumed this would happen?

With Tomas enlisting his privileges as a man and basically trapping Mary in her engagement, it seems that she and her ladies are going have to move to France. Credit to them, three of the four ladies in waiting are more than willing to go wherever Mary goes without complaint, but Kenna still has unfinished business with the King. It’s confusing to a modern audience that someone can make someone their ‘legitimate’ mistress and brazenly parade them around in front of wives, children and their kingdom but, as this is the case, Kenna asks to stay in France as part of such a deal with Henry.

Tomas was so hilariously evil in this episode and I was glad Bash and Francis took care of him not because he meant harm to Mary, but because he was doing harm to my new favourite guilty pleasure. This storyline was silly, and I’m glad we’re done with the Portuguese royals for the time being. Now we can watch Francis and Mary fall for each other, and then inevitably fall apart, and then fall back in love with each other – all the way up until Christmas. I also like that Tomas’ death might have some emotional consequences for Francis, who seemed pretty shaken by up by what he had to do.

What did you think of the episode? Why is Clarissa hanging out under Mary’s bed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.