POLL: What Did The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon Do Before the Turn?

The Walking Dead

During The Walking Dead season 4 premiere episode, just before things got really bad at the big box store, there was some fun banter as our heroes sat outside waiting to see if they had stirred up any zombies by banging on the front windows. Zack had apparently been trying to guess Daryl’s former occupation from before the turn. He was pacing himself, only guessing one occupation per day, but considering it is the zombie apocalypse, (Spoiler Alert) maybe he should have been guessing faster? As it turns out, yeah, he should have guessed faster since he did not make it out of the big box store!

Let’s look at some possibilities.

Homicide Cop

Rick and Daryl - The Walking Dead

This was Zack’s last guess, made in front of the store where he died. Probably he did not realize he would be the homicide. Daryl of course responded that Zack was correct, and that he actually had been an undercover cop. Was he telling the truth, or just being snarky? Michonne certainly picked up on it and called Daryl “detective” before they entered the store. She seemed to think it was probably just baloney!

But, Daryl does have skills necessary to be an undercover cop. He is indisputably a great shot. He is strong and very valuable in hand to hand combat. He is brave and has a “get it done” attitude. He plays well on a team. I think he would be an asset to an undercover team, and could very well have done this before the turn.


Daryl - The Walking Dead

Backwoods Georgia! It is terribly stereotypical, but Merle and Daryl were both rednecks when the show began. Daryl has mellowed quite a bit. But, if we follow this train of thought, it is only logical to consider the possibility that Daryl and his brother ran the local moonshine business.

Daryl is certainly smart enough to run a business, not to mention cool headed in a crisis and savvy. Perhaps this background could explain his extreme reaction to Bob’s drinking problem.

Hunting Guide

Daryl, Rick, Glenn, Carol, Lori - The Walking Dead

Most of you are probably too young to remember the movie Deliverance starring among others Burt Reynolds, but Daryl makes me think of Burt’s character, Lewis, the experienced outdoorsman. Deliverance was set in Georgia too, BTW.

Let’s consider Daryl’s skill set. He can track, hunt, and is a dead shot with his crossbow. He has the ideal skills to be a hunter guide, and would likely be very successful at it!

Auto Mechanic

Daryl - The Walking Dead

As we saw in this past week’s episode, Daryl not only has skills at hot wiring a car, but he can also repair one, being very familiar with reviving a dead battery. His statement, when he tells Bob to get in the car and hot wire it – “it ain’t rocket science” – indicates to me a level of comfort around automobiles and their engines.

Reality Show Star

Daryl - The Walking Dead

Survivor anyone? Does anyone doubt that Daryl would come out on top when all the dust settles? Heck, this program could be a survival reality show on its own! Instead of voting people off, just let the zombies take them out. I would bet on Daryl being the last one standing!

Male Exotic Dancer

Daryl - The Walking Dead

Ok, so maybe this one is fanciful, but come on – some of you were thinking it, right? Show of hands, how many of you ladies out there would like to see him strut his stuff? Just look at how well he posed on the boxes at the big box store!

None of These – There is Another!

Daryl - The Walking Dead

Do you have your own theory of what Daryl did before the turn? If so, vote below and then tell me about it in the comment section below.


Now it is time for me to make my choice. Much as I would like to see him as a male exotic dancer, I think the practical side of me is going to choose hunting guide. His role in our group of hearty survivors is probably just a carryover from what he knows how to do best – track and hunt!

What option did you vote for? Please let me know in the comments section below after you vote.