News Mania: ‘Community’ Goes ‘Bad,’ Jon Snow Gets His Spy On and Nikita’s Shane West Moves to ‘Salem’

Breaking Bad makes a comeback in week four of News Mania, a Game of Thrones favorite joins the cast of the new Spooks movie and Damon Wayans Jr. stays gainfully employed for another season. Get all the details on those items and more below!

Awesome Flavored News

Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan To Guest on Community

Breaking Bad‘s Vince Gilligan is going from creating (fictional) meth labs to dropping by a community college. EW reported that Gilligan will make his acting debut in Community season 5 as a “smooth-talking gold digger” who gets in the middle of a fight between Annie and Abed .

Coach isn’t leaving the New Girl Loft Anytime Soon

Coach isn’t back for a short stay after all. TV Line confirmed that the insanely funny Damon Wayans Jr. will be on-hand through the rest of the season. Does this mean Schmidt will be permanently relocated to the loft across the hall or will lovebirds Nick and Jess be forced to double-up for the sake of their roommates?

The CW Wants to be in the Rob Thomas and Zombie Business

Rob Thomas creator of Veronica Mars? Good. Zombies? Good. A show from Rob Thomas about a zombified crime solver who works at a coroner’s office for easy access to brains? Awesome. Deadline broke the news that Thomas and former Veronica Mars writer Diane Ruggiero are working on iZombie based on the DC Comic for The CW, and I’m fairly certain there is not one among us who does not want to see this happen.

This Week in Fandom News

Alexis Denisof Set to Co-Star in MTV Pilot Finding Carter

And now I shall make you care about a project you’ve never heard of before: Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse/Much Ado About Nothing alum Alexis Denisof has been cast in the MTV pilot Finding Carter…a show that is basically an edgier Switched at Birth with intentional kidnapping. If the show is picked up, Deadline confirms he’ll be playing a dad and writer. We’re pulling for you, Alexis!

Syfy’s 12 Monkeys Cast Grows

Syfy is flirting with the idea of turning the classic Brad Pitt time travel movie into a series, and this week the network announced their first pieces of casting news. Aaron Stanford (Nikita, X-Men: The Last Stand) will play Cole, a man from the future who goes back in time to stop a deadly plague, and Amanda Schull (Suits, Pretty Little Liars) will play Cassandra the talented doctor who will have to forfeit her normal life in order to help Cole on his mission.

12 Monkeys also got a showrunner in the form of Natalie Chaidez (In Plain Sight, V, Heroes).

The CW Developing Hourman Drama

In The CW’s continued quest to give every DC character besides Wonder Woman their own TV show, TV Line revealed that the netlet has put an Hourman series into production. Who is Hourman? Well, he’s a ” a highly intelligent, emotionally burdened pharmaceutical analyst” who goes around preventing tragedies before they happen. So he’s Kyle Chandler from Early Edition without the cat.

Shows Coming to a TV Near You

Starz Developing Half-Hour Comedy Heartbeats

Starz is getting back into the comedy business with Heartbeats, a romantic sitcom about star-crossed would be lovers Bobby and Kristen who would be perfect for each other if only they had met at a different time. The series will alternate between episodes focused on Bobby and Kristen if picked up to series. Which it should be because that’s not a terrible premise.

TBS Orders Tribeca from Steve Carell

Don’t get too excited, Carell won’t be starring in Tribeca, but it sounds fun anyway. TV Line describes the half-hour comedy from Carell and his wife Nancy as a police procedural satire about a 10-year LAPD vet Angie Tribeca with an eccentric team.

ITV Orders Six-Part Series Grantchester

Adapted from the novel, ‘Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death’ by James Runcie, Grantchester is set in 1953 and focuses on a “charismatic” vicar/investigator. No cast-members have been announced yet, but filming begins in March 2014.

The Cover Gets Script to Series Order at The CW

The CW must be enamored with the idea behind 24 writer Matt Michnovetz’s Irish mob drama. If the network likes the script they will bypass the normal pilot process and order The Cover straight to series, according to THR.

Casting Corner

Game of Thrones‘ Kit Harington is taking a break from spying beyond The Wall to spy in the Spooks (known stateside as MI5) feature film Spooks: The Greater Good. [Source: TV Wise]

Treme‘s Khandi Alexander has been cast as Olivia’s mom on Scandal. [Source: THR]

-WGN continues to make sure we will be watching their witchy period drama Salem by casting Nikita‘s Shane West alongside Fringe‘s Seth Gabel. [Source: TV Line]

-This year’s Emmy Winner for Outstanding Lead Actress Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) will stop by The Mindy Project as Mindy’s girl crush in episode 13 of season two. [Source: Eonline

-Former Freaks and Geeks star Martin Starr is going back to the ’80s again when he pays ABC’s The Goldbergs a visit this season. [Source: EW]

-Jacinda Barrett will be stirring up trouble on The Following in season two as a woman with unknown, but dangerous intentions. [TV Line]

-Rob Corddry will get to channel his inner-sensei for an upcoming guest spot on Trophy Wife. [Source: EW

The Most Random News Item of the Week Goes To…

TNT has greenlit a reality series called APB with Troy Dunn which has the truly noble idea of reuniting missing loved ones with their families driving it. That part is wonderful. The part that makes my eyebrows go up is the social media tie-in which features a show tie-in app that will allow people at home to help. Much like America’s Most Wanted only with a heartwarming twist!


Which news item has you the most psyched? And more importantly, what other out of work fan favorites should WGN recruit before Salem goes to air?

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