‘Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man’ First Look Photos: See Spidey’s Friends Turn Green (Goblin)

Marvel's Ultimate Spider Man (2)

The Green Goblin (Steven Weber) is set to wreak havoc on Spider-Man’s world this Sunday, November 10th (11:00-11:30AM) on Disney XD’s Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man. Each one of Spidey’s teammates from Iron Fist straight on through to Nova will be turned into Goblin versions of themselves by Spider-Man’s nemesis, leaving Spider-Man all alone to defend the city from his own friends.

If Spider-Man can’t stop them, The Green Goblin could turn the entire city into Goblins just like him. Check out the photos below to see how Spidey’s friends look when they go green. Do you think Spider-Man will be able to save his friends in time?

Once again, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man “Ultimate” airs Sunday, November 10th at 11:00AM ET/PT on Disney XD.

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