Elementary Season 2 Chat: Why I Want To Life Swap With Joan Watson

My adoration of Joan Watson has grown slowly since Elementary began. Standing alongside Jonny Lee Miller’s fireball of eccentricity that is Sherlock is no easy task. One must keep up, but at this point in the series the pupil is threatening to surpass the master. Joan’s journey is grounded in reality: she’s a woman choosing to take her life in an entirely new direction and she’s committed 100% to her goals. But that’s just one of the many, many reasons why I would happily swap lives with Joan.

1. Joan can take down a man twice her size with a stick.

How glorious was that moment when the suspect got away from Sherlock in the season premiere and Joan was waiting to take him out on the other side of the park? Last season her self defense skills were practically nonexistent, but now she’s capable of fighting in her own way, if the situation calls for it.

2. Joan is fiercely protective.

At heart, Joan is a caretaker. She feels a strong sense of loyalty to the people in her life and she doesn’t back down when she feels they’re being threatened. Sometimes this manifests itself with a tough love approach as she used on her former patient’s son and other times it’s just straight up daring as in the time she totally schooled Moriarty. I would love to have an ounce of her steely resolve at my disposal.

3. She gets Sherlock lessons.

Staged crime scenes sent to your phone are way better than word games. As are sleight of hand, lock-picking and honing of observational skills taught by a gorgeous, brilliant British man. Getting lessons from Sherlock would make anyone feel special; it’s like getting praise from the smartest professor in school. What’s even better is when she surprises Sherlock with her own savviness. That moment when she stole the watch at the end of “We Are Everyone” was my favorite Joan Watson moment to date.

4. She hasn’t given up on balancing the professional with the personal.

I suspect the fandom will be split on Joan sleeping with Mycroft, but I see it not as a betrayal, but rather as a step in Joan’s continued mission to seize opportunities and form a life outside of work. She’s a woman with needs, okay. Unlike most characters in procedurals, Joan has made a continued effort to date, be there for her friends and push Sherlock to take the occasional break as well. Sometimes I forget to eat lunch, so I would love to achieve a bit of balance– I mean, she goes on runs in between solving murders! How does she stay so put together?

5. Her wardrobe is amazing.

I know it’s shallow, and truth be told I couldn’t fit my arm into Lucy Lui-sized clothes, but that does not stop me from coveting Joan’s messy, chic wardrobe. From her cuddly looking t-shirts to her flowy, simple shirt dresses, I’m in love with them all. She always looks both comfortable and stunning at all times. That’s inconceivable. And yet she does it with a limited amount of sleep and wardrobe planning time.

6. She’s reinventing literature’s most iconic sidekick.

She may not know it, but we certainly know that Joan is breathing new life into Sherlock’s better half. Where all the Johns have played the proverbial second fiddle to the world’s only consulting detective, Joan is totally his equal. His emotional center, his friend and his partner. Her awe of him is measured and she’s totally starting to chronicle their adventures. Watching her take on aspects of what makes Watson great while tweaking the things that are problematic about the character is refreshing.

7. She’s fully committed to becoming a detective.

Lots of people talk about entering a new professional phase in their life, but very few follow through. Joan Watson followed through and then some. She reinvented herself, found a new interest and pursued it because she believes in the work she’s doing. That kind of bravery is rare indeed.

8. Her patience is endless.

I am not a patient person. I get hives in waiting rooms. I always arrived first in class. Commercial breaks feel like eternities. If I had just one ounce of Joan’s patience I could conquer the world. Or at least stop the whole hive thing from happening. She takes being awoken at all hours in stride, she’s not weirded out by the sight of her roommate playing with a bull whip and she answers his incessant texts. She understands the needs of others and is fully capable of accommodating them.

Can she be pushed too far? Ask Sherlock’s wall of keys, but mostly Joan has more patience than any other person on the planet.

9. She gets to live in the Brownstone.

The Brownstone is stunning. Between Sherlock’s unique collectables and trove of books to the cozy fireplace and warm colors, it is the definitive piece of New York City real estate. I want to go to there…and feed Clyde lettuce.

10. She knows stuff.

Ex-surgeon? Check. Knowledge of construction? Check. Fast learner? Yep. Joan’s best quality is she already knows her fair share of stuff. Things that Sherlock might deem beneath him or not useful, are things that Joan often chimes in and saves the day with. She may technically be the sidekick, but she’s way cooler than Robin.


If you could go all Freaky Friday and swap places with a fictional character, would you choose Joan? Sound off below!

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