White Collar Season 5 Review “Controlling Interest” – Back in the Game

White Collar Season 5 Episode 4 Controlling Interest (3)

In this episode of White Collar, called “Controlling Interest,” Neal and Peter take a detour from solving Siegel’s murder and go back to doing what they do and when it’s over, Neal makes a big decision.

There was so much tastiness in this episode, beginning with Neal and Peter working together again and ending with Neal’s revelation at the end.

While I was sad that more time wasn’t spent on Siegel’s murder, I do know that they will undoubtedly go back to that subject again and that works for me. But seeing Peter and Neal working together again made up for any imagined slights against Siegel and his murder. Sure seeing Neal work with another handler was kind of interesting, but nothing will beat seeing the original dream team back together.

The next bit of fun in this episode came from Neal’s visit to the evil Dr. Summers and the resulting trip that he went on thanks to Mozzie. Though it began as mostly laughs (Neal hugging the pillow and telling Peter and Elle silly little secrets), it quickly went to a much more serious place. Neal told Mozzie some things that his friend perhaps wasn’t ready to hear, but not only that, he also realized some things about himself. I was fascinated when Neal told Dr. Summers that he found the experience of giving into his natural impulses freeing. All this time, I had wanted this show to ultimately be about Neal’s redemption, but I see now that what it’s really about is the balance he must find between his good side and his bad side.

Neal has decided to go back to being a criminal, to embrace the side of him that enjoys doing things that he’s not really allowed to do. But I have to wonder how far he will get. Surely his friendship with Peter, the good that he has been doing with the FBI – these things are bound to have a pull on him as well and I think it won’t be as easy for him to cut those ties as he thinks. But the fun part now is going to be watching him be naughty and be nice at once.

My favorite bits:

Mozzie in a robe and… OMG I’m pretty I have that exact shower cap.

“The Federal Bureau of Invasion has confined you to this impenetrable dog pound.”
“It’s my apartment.”

“I prefer the term ‘mis-incarcerated.'”
“That sounds like you just won a prison pageant.”
“A, I could. B, I’ll come up with a better term.”

“Coincidence is fate’s favorite tool.”

Peter deciding that, as ASAC, he was going to actively pursue cases.

“Where do we start?”
“Accounting scam.”
“Can we start over?”

Neal’s little fake snore when Peter tried to show him the file. That made me laugh inordinately harder than it probably should have.

Neal asking Nate to never call him “Mr. Caffrey.”

Finding out that Clinton’s catnip was Real Housewives. Oh, my.

Peter watching with fascination as Neal made a fake employee badge. I love that he warned Neal to watch his fingers.

Neal pointing out that Peter was the frightening one and asking if he had any photos in his wallet.

Peter acting the bad guy to scare the poor kid away from his desk.

Neal going mano a mano against the Dr. Summers.

This. All of this:

“Very popular with the working girls of Rio. I’ve heard stories.”
“Heard them or had them?”

Neal’s reaction when he opened his fridge.

The glee in Mozzie’s eyes when he announced that he had to make the drug for Neal.

Neal remembering what happened with Dr. Summers. Trippy.

“I can’t think straight.”
“That’s exactly the point. Think circular.”

Neal admitting that he liked working with Peter but also working against him and doing things he wasn’t supposed to.

Mozzie coming back to find Neal gone.

Drugged Up Neal showing up at Peter and Elle’s door.

“Neal, what are you doing here?”
“I just came to get some stuff off of my chest.” – Can we say ‘famous last words’?

“What did you do?”
“I talked to Mozzie and he gave me a solution and I drank that solution.”

Peter asking Neal if he knew what happened to Siegel. That was brilliant and yet totally sneaky. I loved it equally for both reasons.

Peter looking over to find Neal passed out on the couch.

“What’re you gonna carry him?”
“I’ll have you know I’ve been doing a lot of wrist curls.”

Peter putting the blanket over Neal. Aw.

Nate, Peter and Clinton faking an entire conversation so that the bad guy would come down with Nate’s son.

Peter taking down said bad guy. Is it wrong that I wanted to see just a wee bit more of a fight? I love me some badass Peter.

“I don’t know if I can control my natural impulses, but that lack of control doesn’t make me feel helpless.”
“How does it make you feel, then?”

Finding out that Neal turned the tables on Dr. Summers and drugged her. Whoa.

Finding out that Neal took the stolen money and gave it to Mozzie. Double Whoa.

Neal basically admitting that he was becoming a criminal again.

“Guys like us? So you’re coming back to the life.”

“Hagen? The FBI? What strings exactly are you planning on cutting?”
“When the time is right, all of them.”

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits of your own? Let me know in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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