The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Review “Handle with Care”

You know, “The Vampire Diaries” is one of those shows where you can really tell the difference when some solid writers are involved behind the scenes- and when they’re not, for that matter. (It certainly doesn’t hurt matters to have Kevin Williamson involved whenever possible.) Thankfully, “Handle with Care” was one of those shows where they did, and the result was one of the more entertaining episodes this season thus far.

Let’s give credit where credit’s due to Caroline Dries and Holly Brix, who just sound like they should be writers, am I right? Whatever the case, they knocked it out of the park with this one, which was so quotable from top to bottom, I actually had to pick and choose which lines to use in this review, which doesn’t happen that often in any of the shows I review, least of all since we ceased doing comedic shows, where it’s often all about the quotable writing.

Another thing that’s noticeable is when the actors are truly engaged, as they clearly were here. Save maybe poor Kat Graham, who’s still thanklessly stuck in limbo-land, through no fault of her own in the acting skill department. Besides that, everyone seemed to be having a pretty good time, even the typically dour Paul Wesley, who has always fared better when he goes bad, as with his “Ripper” phase. His Silas is no exception to that rule, and he’s clearly having a field day with the role.

Ditto Nina Dobrev, who’s more tolerable in her Elena guise than Wesley in his Stefan guise (though amnesic Stefan is slightly more engaging, it should be said- too bad that’s done now), especially post-vampire, but likewise fares even better in her nefarious Katherine mode, even post-human, or whatever she’s become now. Not entirely sure what’s going on there, given that she survived being “killed” at the end of the last episode, and is apparently going grey and losing her teeth, which I can only assume means she’s aging at a quicker rate now that she’s “dead” or dead-adjacent or whatever.

Whatever the case, she’s still a lot of fun, and she and Caroline made a great odd couple in tonight’s episode. Note also how the presence of Katherine also fueled Caroline’s fire again, after it dimmed a bit post-Tyler recently. Nothing like a little evil bitch action to get the blood boiling. I love that Katherine is just as evil human as she ever was vampire. As if all that weren’t enough, Dobrev is now officially on triple duty as the now-returned Amara. I hope she gets a raise for this acting tour de force she’s been doing lately. Talk about exhausting!

Beyond Amara’s return, we discovered that Dr. Maxfield was part of a secret society called the Augustine, who apparently have their own token vampire, which was responsible for Caroline and Elena’s roommate’s death. Despite this, they uninvited Elena to join even though she was a legacy (which means her father was part of Augustine, too) after Dr. Maxfield alerted them to Elena’s vampy ways.

Enter Katherine, who not being a vampire anymore and all, was able to infiltrate the Augustine shindig, which should come in handy later on when the real Elena comes back to campus, especially now that Caroline was able to successfully compel Dr. M. to forget all about her and Elena’s being vampires. We also discovered that some members also have “special” talents, whatever that means. (For Dr. M. it meant having a big brain and all, and I guess the ability to create vampires?)

So, onto my favorite quotes of the evening. Enjoy!

Elena, on Silas’ trustworthiness: “You’re kind of evil. No offense.”
Silas: “None taken…Do you want me to pinky swear?”

Damon, after Silas reveals the “anchor” is in New Jersey: “So, the supernatural other world is bound by an object in Snooki’s backyard?”

Silas: “I feel like I’m constantly reinventing myself. I’m like a supernatural Madonna, don’t you think?”

Elena, conveying a message to Stefan: “Remind him you’re a crazy bitch.”
Tessa: “I would, but I think that may be his type.”

Damon, to Silas, on why he’s not jealous of Stefan: “It’s called being secure. I’m assuming you know a little about that by the way you wear your hair.”

Damon, guessing at what the anchor might be, after Tessa tells him it’s something important to Silas: “What, his favorite childhood sled?”

Yes, friends and neighbors, they did a “Citizen Kane” reference on “The Vampire Diaries.” (Spoiler alert on a Hollywood classic! Geez, watch a black-and-white movie sometime…) Pretty sharp stuff, ladies. Well played, all around.

What did you think of the latest “Vampire Diaries”? Are you enjoying the latest plot developments? Wish they’d revive Bonnie already, or at least let her do a song or something? Who’s your favorite Dobrev? Or Wesley? Or are you more of a Somerhalder type? (There can only be one!) Why can’t I meet a nice vampire like Caroline? She seems fun. Le sigh. See you next week!