Covert Affairs Season 4 Review “River Euphrates” – Closer Together, Yet Farther Apart

Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 14 River Euphrates (3)

In this episode of Covert Affairs, called “River Euphrates,” everyone inches that much closer to catching Henry and making him pay for everything that he has done. Along the way, a few relationships (both professional and personal) are tested.

Tonight’s episode marked Chris Gorham’s second time directing an episode and much as I did the last time he held the reins for an episode, I could see his aesthetic in a few of the scenes. It’s fun to see how different people direct, especially when the director is someone who is usually in front of the camera. I love getting the chance to see a different side of an actor and I think it’s great how many shows are letting their people work for that chance.

As for the story this week… whew! I feel like I had barely recovered from Helen’s death and then we were thrust into the drama of Annie and Auggie seeing each other after so long. Of course, Helen’s death weighed heavily on that conversation – as did the fact that Annie quickly realized Auggie and Helen had slept together – which led to more drama and more tears.

But before anyone could recover from that, it was back to the hunt for Henry and now they all had yet another reason to exact vengeance. Even in her about-to-pop state, Joan did a fantastic job at tracking down some vital information on Henry. The reunion between Joan and Annie was great and I loved how they jumped right back into their roles of mentor and student. Joan treating Annie’s wound and asking if she needed money – neither came off as too motherly, but still showed how much she cared for Annie.

I was surprised that Auggie decided to take things into his own hands to catch Henry, but of course that didn’t work out for them. With two episodes still left to go, Henry escaped to Hong Kong and now Annie, Auggie and Calder are going after him. This is a group that I love seeing working together and I can’t wait to see how they finally take down the man that has been running (and ruining) all of their lives for so long.

My favorite bits:

Auggie knowing immediately that something was wrong when Annie showed up at his door.

Poor Annie having to tell Auggie that Helen was dead.

Finding out that Helen left a clue in Braille. That was pretty brilliant.

Annie spotting the two wine glasses and the rumbled bed. Oh, dear.

Auggie realizing that Annie had figured out what happened with him and Helen. So much being said without words. Wow.

“So where does this leave us?”

Joan worrying about whether or not Arthur would be there for the birth of their baby.

The entire scene with Calder and Auggie meeting by the fountains. I could see Gorham’s aesthetic all over that.

Calder pointing out that they couldn’t nail Henry for a murder when the victim died years ago and the witness died months ago. Hate to say it, but the man does have a point.

Annie casually handing over the piece of plastic to the guy at the soccer game.

Auggie giving Barber a whole bag of junk food as a way to thank him for all of his hard work.

“It feels like we’re crossing a line here, my friend.”
“We crossed that line a long time ago, my friend.”

Poor Auggie having to tell Joan that Henry killed Helen. Every time the subject comes up his face just kills me.

Auggie asking Joan how he was supposed to pay respects to someone who was already supposed to be dead.

Joan’s message to Henry. Why did that make me feel like something bad was about to happen?

Joan playing the pregnancy card to get into the jewelry’s stores bathroom. Gotta love it.

Joan running into Annie. Most awkward and awesome moment ever.

“I need a Tac team to round up Henry Wilcox and stick him in a box. Can you do that?”
“Why the hell not?”

Auggie telling Barber that he knocked on another contractor truck before finding the right one. Ha!

Barber getting snippy with Auggie because he had gone his first full day without pizza.

Barber spotting the “team” that was with Auggie.

Everyone finding out that it wasn’t Henry in the house. Crap!

“This is personal for me in ways you don’t get.”

Calder informing Auggie that he was way too valuable to be going off the reservation.

Loving the way Joan stepped right back in to start taking care of Annie again.

“You know, the first few months of us working together, I resented you and the last few months, I hated you.” “Are you apologizing? Because you suck at it.”

Joan thanking Calder for Annie.

Auggie admitting he was scared he lost Annie and Annie admitting she’d been scared when she knocked on the door and he asked who it was, and she didn’t know.

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? Got any favorite bits of your own? Let me know in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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