The Originals Season 1: Safety Is Definitely Not Guaranteed

Sinners and Saints

Back in my first TV Chat for The Originals I complained that the show is inaccessible to new viewers and that there is no ‘in’ character to which the audience can relate. Four episodes on and those worries have been assuaged somewhat. We’re now far enough away from the drama of Mystic Falls for The Originals to be its own show, the action and character drama centred firmly in New Orleans. As for an ‘in’ character, well, it’s starting to look like the entire Mikaelson family is our in to their world. They may be a thousand years old, but the need for love, acceptance and justice is very familiar – albeit exaggerated.

New Orleans is definitely bringing the best out of our favourite family of misfits. Klaus is just as hot-headed as ever but he’s channelling it into protecting and getting revenge for not only his own, but those around him. Rebekah’s still got her relationship drama, though thankfully it no longer involves teenagers or wannabe teenagers. Meanwhile, Elijah is becoming a little more Klaus-like; has there been anything more awesome than Elijah promising to not let Klaus kill Agnes, only to them kill her himself? As for Hayley, who is definitely now part of clan Mikaelson, motherhood is shaping her into someone has gentle as she is tough and it’s a delight to watch.

The Originals is benefiting from a slightly more adult tone. Rather than the teenagery love triangles we got in The Vampire Diaries, here we have triangles involving budding love and probably-jealous, definitely-possessive one night stands, ex-lovers of a hundred years and new lovers of a few days. It’s a hell of a lot more interesting to watch, especially Elijah and Hayley, who are adorable — but who will eventually have to face up to Klaus if anything happens between them. (Would Klaus really want his brother potentially playing father to his hybrid kid? Probably not.)

The most lacking character on the show so far is perhaps Davina, who suffers from having the weakest actress portraying her. In more capable hands Davina could be one of the strongest characters with her need to break free both of the men controlling her and of her own power. Instead she’s a typical CW network female – pretty and overacted with no real substance – but then again I did say this about Hayley/Phoebe Tonkin once upon a time, so maybe there’s hope yet.

There is one thing this show could do with seriously reconsidering, though: what’s with all the kidnappings? Elijah, Sophie and now Hayley (presumably), with a few kidnapped humans/vampires along the way. It’s getting ridiculous, though it does make a change from the originals getting daggered every other episode. Either way, it would be nice to have all the characters make it through an entire episode together for once. Here’s looking at you, episode 7…

What about you, dear reader: what do you think of The Originals so far? Do you think the Mikaelsons are becoming better characters? Do you think Davina’s the weakest? Who do you think will be kidnapped next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!