Survivor: Blood vs. Water Review “Skin of my Teeth”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water returned tonight with the final Redemption Island Duel, as the last player standing makes their way back into the game. Even before we got to the somewhat underwhelming Duel, we got a couple scenes from the night before.

It completely floors me that Laura B was still completely ignorant of why she was voted out. She was still talking about how she was just trying to be nice, and she can’t believe everybody else ganged up on her. I do feel like Laura B was unfairly mistreated earlier in this game, but her complete cluelessness makes me feel a little better about her going home.

I was not happy about John going home, however. It was just as heartbreaking as Matt being voted out of the game after lasting so long on Redemption Island a few seasons back. He never even had a chance at winning that duel, either. I mean, nobody really had a chance at beating Laura M. Those “Hold onto your own weight” endurance challenges are usually won by women, since they usually have so much less body weight to hold up. You could tell that John knew he was screwed as soon as the challenge was revealed. If only his wife had stuck around. Candace was always such a stud in those endurance challenges!

In happier news, Tyson finally becomes the first player to find an immunity idol! He couldn’t do it without hearing John’s clues, though, so it was entirely Russell Hantz-esque, but I’m glad that there’s at least an idol in the game.

The whole “Blood vs. Water” twist got really interesting tonight when Sierra and Laura were reunited. There’s only three intact groups left, but it’s very interesting seeing the differences in strategies between them. Katie and Tina are flying under the radar completely, Vytas and Aras are planning to be the top two but are keeping it under wraps, and Laura seemed to be way too open with her allegiance to her daughter. It will be interesting to see how much these alliances shift after tonight, if at all.

There was so much last minute strategizing and mind-changing leading up to the tribal council that I genuinely had no idea who would be going home. While I was a little surprised to see Aras’ blindside, I’m not sure if it was the smartest play. He can play as good of a game as possible, and outwit and outplay as much as he wants, but at the end of the day he’s already won a million bucks from this show. You’d be much more inclined to give the money to his down-on-his-luck brother. They better get Vytas out of the game quick, because he’s a Survivor jury’s dream.

Random Thoughts:

– How the heck did they get to the top of those poles?

– I feel bad for the poor guy who writes all of the clever rhyming clues for the immunity idol. Nobody has read his work all season!

– Did they talk about what “Kasama” means? Usually they make a big deal about the meaning of the tribe name, but today they just blurted it out.