Person of Interest Season 3 Review “The Perfect Mark”

The Perfect Mark

This week’s Person of Interest demonstrated that the show continues to improve. There was a level of tension and action that persisted throughout the entire episode and kept viewers on their toes.

It has taken 2+ seasons, but the HR story looks like it’s rushing towards a conclusion. I’m happy to say that it looks like it will be an exciting one. The HR story has always lingered in the background, popping up every once in a while in a cryptic, annoying kind of way. This season, Carter has made it her mission to bring down the shadowy organization. We’ve seen a new and improved, ass-kicking Carter, and it’s been fun to watch her cleaning up. This week, things took a tragic turn when her bad-turned-good, rookie partner lost his life in a shoot out with DetectiveTerney. With Laskey’s death, Carter lost her spy inside HR, but she ended up gaining something even more valuable. In his last moments of life, Terney pointed a bloody finger at a picture of Quinn. Now Carter knows that Cal’s uncle is responsible for his death and for all the other havoc HR has created in the city. I don’t think anyone could disagree that this is going to send Carter over the edge. It’d be awesome to see her just go in and start picking these guys off – Shaw style.

The person of interest story was a classic that reminded me of the classic comedic films, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. The person was a conman posing as a hypnotist to steal patient’s personal information. It was clever that he would ask them personal questions and then use the answers to crack into their bank accounts. He got tangled up with HR over a deal involving a $4 million baseball, signed by legends like Babe Ruth. What he didn’t know was that the real threat was the lovely woman he believed to be the love of his life. Turns out, just as he was conning his patients, she was conning him.

I’ve said many times how much I love the Person of Interest guest stars. This week Aaron Staton (Mad Men) gave a fantastic performance. You knew the entire time that this character was a despicable thief and liar, but Staton managed to still make him likeable. I almost felt sorry for him at the end when he realized he’d been duped.

I’m not quite sure what Finch’s plan is with Root, to the extent he even has one. Is she in that cell 24/7? Where’s the bed/bathroom? It’s also a big unknown as to what Finch is going through emotionally. Is he really concerned about Root? Is he jealous of her relationship with the machine? Does he distrust the machine? I’m guessing we’ll swing back to the machine story in another couple episodes.

I do think we need another Reese/Finch centric episode. The team has been expanding in a very organic way, but the heart of the show is this duo. It’d be nice to see them on their own like in the beginning. There are big things on the horizon and if you don’t like spoilers avoid the sweeps week preview!

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