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Better Angels

In this episode of NCIS, called “Better Angels,” Gibbs gets a disturbing call about his father and ends up learning more about Jackson’s past, while Tony and McGee share point on a case and end up not killing each other.

The father and son dynamic is one that has been played a lot on this show, but it’s one that I don’t think I will ever tire of. Each relationship (whether it’s Gibbs and Jackson, Tony and his dad or even Gibbs and his pseudo children) is different and each one has pulled at my heart in one way or another. In this episode, Gibbs was faced with the very real possibility that his dad might have gotten to that point where he needed more help. To see Gibbs struggle with how to care for the man that raised him was very emotional. Though it turned out Jackson wasn’t as bad off as it was first assumed, there is no doubt that he is heading down that road and I have to wonder if Gibbs will convince him to move in with him.

As for Jackson’s story, it was incredibly sweet to find out that the other pilot who saved him was the enemy. It’s amazing to think that all it took was some time and the people who once would’ve been our sworn rivals are now our friends. I have some wonderful friends who are German and I can’t imagine what it would be like to not have them in my life. While the episode was about Jackson and Walter’s touching journey, it also became a little personal for me.

The rotating replacement for Ziva was not seen this week and in fact Tony and McGee were left mostly alone to work the case by themselves. Just when I thought their bromance couldn’t get any better, this episode took it up another notch. Yes, they took shots at each other and yes they fought over who should take point, but in the end they ended up working well together. Not only that, but they also hung out and had fun, too. I kind of wish that we’d gotten to see them in the library watching Beaches together, but I’ll settle for hearing them talk about it afterwards.

My favorite bits:

Wow, starting at the crime scene. We haven’t done that in a while.

Laughing at Gibbs’ old phone. I kind of love that he’s still way behind on technology.

“I got out just in time. Mr. Spiffy’s about to lose his lunch.”
“I see that victim sensitivity training really paid off.”

Gibbs discovering that his dad was okay when the old guy started screaming at the cops.

“I’m thinking the old man got busted with a Lady of the Night.”
“I can’t even look at you right now.”

“Look, Jackson’s older, he’s lonely. A monkey could be tempting.”

Tony accusing McGee of eating his yogurt. Too funny that Tony used to do that himself. I seem to recall him eating half of Kate’s tuna sandwich once.

“My buddy, I got word he’s dying, I’ve got things I need to say to him.”

Gibbs finally giving in and asking the best way to get to Eden.

Abby’s box of Gibbs. That is brilliant.

“It’s broken.”
“No, that’s when he’s just starting at you.”

McGee accidentally snipping at Gibbs, but ending up getting point anyway. Haha. Bet Tony didn’t see that coming.

Gibbs taking his dad to his favorite diner.

Gibbs informing his dad that the waitress would take it personally if they ordered food but didn’t eat it.

“No, that doesn’t fly with me, Leroy. You say two words and you expect me to fill in the rest?” – Awesome that Gibbs’ dad can call him out on stuff like that.

Gibbs’ little grin when his dad finally started eating.

“You in here listening to Yanni again?”

“Listen, something small just came up.”

McGee telling Tony that Delilah and her friends thought his head was too big for his body. Aw, not nice.

“Update! Go! What?!”

Tony and McGee agreeing on co-point. Oh dear, this is gonna be interesting.

“He saved me Leroy. I was flying in the wrong direction.”

Jackson accusing his son of just being with him long enough to get him a seeing-eye dog so he would feel better about leaving him alone. Ouch.

“No, I’m not going to apologize for worrying about you.”

Tony and McGee having a campfire over a meal at the diner.

“The key is the Clandestine Service.”
“Ya think, McDective?”

Gibbs slapping Tony’s hand away from the report.

Finding out that Gibbs had asked McGee to look into Walter Beck.

“There’s no right way to be a son.”
“Just as there’s no right way for you to act as his father.”

Ducky talking to Gibbs about the pain of watching a parent decline.

Gibbs admitting that it wasn’t the license that bothered him, it was the fact that his dad lied to him about important stuff and he didn’t know what to do with that. Wow, that must’ve been hard for Gibbs to admit.

I knew it. I knew that Walter was in an enemy plane.

“We’re all the same, but we keep fighting each other.”

Gibbs putting Abby on finding the ambulance that took Walter away.

Gibbs’ head bouncing back and forth between Tony and McGee as they gave him their update.

Tony and McGee talking about their great night. Aw, I wish we could’ve seen some of that.

Tony asking Tim how his back was and remarking that the closet launch was a cheap shot. Aw, so cute to see him care about his Probie.

“Looks like Mr. Spiffy here is about to lose his lunch.”

Gibbs taking Abby’s Gibbs Machine for his dad.

Gibbs asking his dad to move in with him.

Jackson introducing Walter to his son and telling Walter that he made Gibbs possible and that Gibbs helped people. Wow.

“He’s the best person I know.”

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