‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 5: Coming Clean

Drop Dead Diva-Brooke

The season finale of the recently resurrected Lifetime dramedy Drop Dead Diva aired this past Sunday and it was filled with a lot of stories. Given all that happened, let’s take a look at all that went down during that hour.

First of all, Grayson (series regular Jackson Hurt) had a very unusual case, defending a leather bustier, fishnet and spiky thigh-high boots-wearing dominatrix – played by Lost alum Rebecca Mader – who sues a client for refusing to pay for her services. He won the case by simply realizing that the client – who had a weird proclivity for being punished – to have the case dropped and then be punished by Lady Robin.

Meanwhile, Stacy (series regular April Bowlby) is planning for her unborn baby’s future by securing a slot at one of the most prestigious pre-schools in the country; but there are no openings. However, when baby Daddy Owen (series regular Lex Medlin) hears about the situation, he offers to join Stacy in a meeting with the admissions director (played by guest star Peri Gilpin), and once the director hears about the special circumstances behind their baby’s inception and their relationship, she claims they could possibly have a slot available if they help fund a new swimming pool. Being the legal eagle that he is, Owen bulks at the idea, but Stacy wants nothing but the best for their baby. In the end, though, Stacy realizes that to basically bribe her way into the school would be starting a bad precedence for her child and she decides against the school.

In Jane’s (series lead Brooke Elliott) world, she is not only dealing with a case of contaminated water on an Amish farm in Colorado caused by a super-powered oil company in California, but also the recent collapse of real Jane’s mom Elaine (recurring guest star Faith Prince) who – as it turns out [SPOILER ALERT!] – has an inoperable tumor on her brain, which in the final moments of the show ends her life. But, Mama Elaine comes clean with Jane that she knows Jane isn’t her daughter anymore and hasn’t been her Jane since the shooting – all because of Alice in Wonderland. You see Paul (series regular Justin Deeley), Jane’s latest guardian angel, had been reading the classic novel to Elaine while she was in the hospital; and in his absence, Elaine asks Jane to read it to her, asking if Jane remembered when she read the story to her as a child. Jane, being clueless about nearly all things Jane – because it is, after all, Deb’s consciousness inside of Jane’s body – said that she did only to learn moments before Elaine passes on that the classic tale was never read to her. But, despite that fact, Elaine is still Jane’s mother and she loves her “no matter who you are”.

Being a season finale, of course, the episode left viewers with a pretty big cliffhanger, one in which Grayson and Jane finally kissed; sure they kissed at her almost wedding, but that was interrupted by groom-to-be Owen; oh wait, this kiss was somewhat interrupted too as Britney (aka the real Jane) [guest star Natalie Hall] shows up really pissed about Jane not contacting her about her mom’s death, forcing Jane to potentially come clean about who she really is to Grayson. Thank God the powers that be at Lifetime were wise enough this time around to renew the show for a much deserved sixth season.

But viewers will have to wait until later in 2014 to find out how Jane explains this delicate situation to Grayson and whether Britney will continue to be around to force Jane to keep coming clean.

What did you think of the final episodes of the fifth season of ‘Drop Dead Diva’? I would love to hear what you have to say so please add your comments below.