‘Beauty And the Beast’ Season 2: How Is Gabe Not a Beast and Alive?

Heart of Darkness

Since Beauty And the Beast returned for its second season on The CW on October 7, the show has been on a very different trajectory from its debut season.

• Vincent (series lead Jay Ryan) had his memory wiped, becoming a super-soldier hunting down other beasts for Agent Reynolds (recurring guest star Ted Whittall);
• Catherine (series lead Kristin Kreuk) was on a non-stop manhunt to find Vincent only to be disappointed by his advanced transformations of both mind and body in addition to learning that the man she thought was her father wasn’t;
• Joe Bishop (former series regular) is no longer Captain at the precinct and all of his cases are now up for review because of his actions after the tragic death of his younger brother;
• J.T. (series regular Austin Basis) was along for the ride with Catherine in tracking Vincent down, but he seems to be left out in the cold because of Vincent’s memory lapse; and,
• Gabe (series regular Sendhil Ramamurthy) is now in charge of the precinct and is – somehow – no longer a beast and for that matter alive in the first place.

And with that being said, let’s address just how Gabe is still among the living and no longer harboring his brutal and life-threatening alter ego shall we.

In the events of the season finale this past May, Gabe, in his beast form, was repeatedly shot by a gunman working for Agent Reynolds. As Vincent was caught in a net and airlifted by helicopter away from Catherine, she – for some reason – decided to attempt to rescue Gabe – as if multiple gunshot wounds could be easily removed from his body. As she raced for the defibrillator – that just so happened to be conveniently available at his ritzy mansion where he had been holding Catherine in the hopes of luring Vincent there for his own misguided, nefarious reason, but I transgress – she uses the life-saving device, on the maximum setting, to somehow revive Gabe. The explanation was that the gunshot wounds killed his beastly side while the defibrillator brought him back from the brink.

But I have a problem with that – how is that even possible? I mean, c’mon, right? Sure we are working in a world, at least within the show, where super-soldiers can be produced from regular members of the military; and in Gabe’s case, “special” child can be transformed into monsters by countless injections over many years as early tests for the super-solider program. But, how can fatal gunshot wounds kill Gabe’s beast side and not kill him – after all they share the same body. And, how come when Gabe and Catherine attempted to perform the same living-saving efforts on the firebug beast, it failed?

I mean I get it. When you watch a show such as this, you have to let go of a certain level of reality in order to buy into the fiction – and I am not a medical expert in any way shape or form – but how does anyone survive that many gunshot wounds only to be brought back by a defibrillator? Really?!

What do you think? Do you buy into this apeshit crazy explanation for being able to bring Gabe back from the dead? Or, is there really any medical truth behind his survival? Please share your thoughts below.