Awkward Season 3 Review “Taking Sides”


Team Matty or Team Jenna? I don’t know about you but, after this episode of Awkward, ‘Taking Sides’, exposed Jenna for the devolving teenage cliché we’ve always suspected she was, I’d say the choice is pretty clear. It’s really brave of the show to make its protagonist such an unlikeable character in the middle of a season – and she’s not an antihero, she’s just plain odious – and I’m looking forward to seeing how the second half of the season deals with the fallout from her mass friend deletion.

The episode even opened in an unexpected way, with Jenna and Colin going for it on the couch with no guilty looks or hesitation. She’s getting over Matty before he even knows what’s hit him, and the most upsetting scene of the episode was when Jenna told her boyfriend-of-five-minutes-ago that they were broken up and she was starting a new chapter in her life. You’d think he was the one who screwed things up, but Jenna is finally embracing the brat that has been within her since season one.

You might be getting the feeling that I don’t like Jenna very much right now, and you’d be right. Her actions impacted absolutely everyone this week, with Tamara and Jake falling out over their conflicting friend allegiances, Lacey having to also break up with Matty and the group being irrevocably split into two teams. The show calls them Team Matty and Team Colin, but no one really care about the latter. The hatred here is aimed at Jenna, and Colin is merely a symptom of the disease.

On a happier note, we’re finally getting to see more of Matty and Sadie’s unlikely friendship, but the introduction of two new love interests for the pair seems to be denying what Matty/Sadie shippers have been hoping for. If there was ever a time to try out this couple and see where it goes, it’s now, so maybe if they miss their shot they’ll simply be another of the show’s core friendships. God knows, now that Jenna and Tamara are on the outs, we’re going to need some levity.

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