The Originals Season 1 Review “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree”

In the latest episode of “The Originals,” it was all about the offerings: some given, some taken, in “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree.” (Which my sister hilariously referred to as “Church of the Poisoned Mind,” when I flashed the title up on the screen to write it down for posterity. Um, no, but thanks for playing!) Klaus began the proceedings with a peace offering to Klaus, which he politely refused in his ever-so civilized way, leaving the clean-up to a none-too-amused Rebekah. I love how Klaus just plopped this dead, bleeding girl down on the table like it was no big. Rebekah was more worried about the carpet.

Meanwhile, Agnes made Sophie an offering she literally couldn’t refuse, being as how she was abducted and tied up and injected with some diabolical witchy fluid, which sounds grosser than I just made it upon further reflection. But, hey, it’s that kind of show. (It was fun trying to explain all this to my sister, who’d never seen an episode of this or “The Vampire Diaries” in her life- her assessment after: “Well, it was better than those ‘Twilight’ movies.”)

Also in play, a newly unearthed, or un-walled, or whatever, Thierry, who Marcel plied for information in exchange for an early release in time for the Mardi Gras festivities. He put Marcel onto Josh and suggested he might not be the only mole in town. This eventually led Marcel to discover the Originals’ actual digs, where he absconded with Hayley for that night’s inevitable cliffhanger.

And that after all the fuss trying to disconnect Hayley from Sophie, which they did (no pun intended- oh, who am I kidding?). Surprisingly, it wasn’t Klaus that put an end to Agnes and company, but Elijah, after seemingly rushing to save the day when they were able to successfully pull off the disconnect without her help. So, Father Kiernan got his revenge, albeit by proxy, for the whole unfortunate nephew-gone-wild business. Between that and Elijah’s murderous actions, that is one unsafe church.

We also got to meet the so-called Faction, a collective of New Orleans’ best and brightest pillars of community, who work together to help keep the peace between humans and well, other stuff. I’m guessing they will play into future endeavors later on, but for now, it was a quick intro and they were out. We did discover that Klaus played a part in their initial inception, which was interesting. And how about that Father Kiernan? He’s got gumption, that one, and doesn’t seem the least bit scared of well, anyone, really. Is there a reason for that, or is he just convinced having God on his side is all he needs? Probably not, given all the stuff that’s gone down in his church.

I enjoyed the “Lords of the Rings” bit from Josh, who’s growing on me. And the hook-up between Marcel and Rebekah was appropriately steamy, though it took Hayley’s kidnapping to keep her in town, after she had made the goodbye rounds, not wanting to continue to be on clean-up duty for her brothers. Can’t say I blame her there, given the damage they did on tonight’s episode. Father K. will certainly need to call in the “Wolf” or whatever the New Orleans equivalent is.

All in all, a pretty good episode. I’m curious to see what will happen to Sophie now that she’s apparently on the outs with…pretty much everyone at this point. And Davina is learning how to focus, which doesn’t bode well for her witchy brethren, not that they’re doing too hot in general on the whole, given how poorly they’ve fared on the show. I hope they have some other ace up their sleeve, because things are not looking good for Team Sabrina.

What did you think of “The Originals” tonight? Glad to see Marcel and Rebekah hooking up again? Will he give up on Cami? Will Klaus? Is Elijah going bad on us? Does Father K. have some supernatural abilities that we don’t know about yet? Will Davina get her witch on the other witches? Sound off on this and more down below and I’ll see you next week!