The Blacklist Season 1 Review “Frederick Barnes”

The Blacklist Episode 7 Frederick Barnes (7)

After a couple of slogs the previous few weeks, this episode of The Blacklist provided the kind of action and intrigue promised by the show’s earlier episodes. It certainly didn’t hurt that tonight’s main villain was the recognizable Robert Sean Leonard of House fame. As opposed to recent villains that vacilliated between weird and boring, Leonard was a welcome relief. Sure, being capable of mass murder isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of normal, but Leonard didn’t seek to overplay his role, and the procedural aspect of the show worked as a result. I was far less interested in Elizabeth Keen’s internal struggle with shooting bad people. Her inexperience is not an asset to the show. At this point, her biggest contribution is her relationship to Red Reddington. Megan Boone is doing fine, but I’m not very invested in anything that doesn’t have to do with her and Reddington.

Because of the presence of Leonard, the show definitely dialed down its reliance on the long story arc. Sure, Red blew up a house, but there wasn’t several more blatant attempts to subvert our beliefs. Keen’s husband is definitely overselling the nice guy routine, but his potential flakiness is not a new development. Overall, I really enjoyed having a little break from the Red Reddington/Elizabeth/husband mystery.

On the whole, I really enjoyed this episode of The Blacklist. The pace worked really well, and all the parts got utlized with the right amount of calibration. That being said, I know that’s not why you come here, so let’s get to it.

Red Redding Fashion Rating: 7

I was really pleased with Red’s effort this week. His colors weren’t outlandish, but he consistently looked dapper and wore his hat with the appropriate amount of ridiculousness. I really wish he would mix up his sunglasses game, but now I’m just nitpicking.

Elizabeth Keen Trauma Watch: Orange

We had a chance to go down to yellow, but then Lizzie had to ice some guy who was just trying to save his kid. Seems like it could frazzle her a bit. Of course, the brand new field agent was not frazzled AT ALL, and got an “‘Atta girl!” from Ressler for doing it. I love network television.

Dembe Watch

Clear out of the way everyone, here’s comes Dembe! A possibly mute afterthought for the first month of the show, Dembe burst out of his shell with authority this week. He even interacted with people that weren’t Red this week. I know Spader still has top billing, but you have to think Spader is worried about Dembe taking some of his shine. DEMBE!!!!!

Harry Lennix “Keep Getting Those Checks” Watch

At this point, Harry Lennix has to consider firing his agent, right? I know people aren’t beating down his door, but surely there is something better for him. He’s just spouting bureaucratic nonsense and power walking off screen. If it’s what he wants, then I’m not going to hate on him. I just think he deserves better. In any event, keep getting those checks, Mr. Lennix.