‘Sherlock’ Season 3 First Photo Previews John and Sherlock’s Reunion

Sherlock looks almost ghostly standing outside of a diner window staring in at John in the first image for Sherlock season three. BBC One released the photo which will no doubt fuel more curiosity from fans who are still trying to work out how Sherlock survived his fall at the end of season two.

BBC One also revealed a few hints about the changes that have taken place in John’s life while Sherlock was away. For one thing, he’s found love with Mary Morstan, and she’s not as taken with Sherlock as John is. The story resumes with an episode entitled “The Empty Hearse,” set to premiere stateside on PBS, Sunday, January 19th at 10PM.

Are you excited to see John and Sherlock together again even if they are divided by a pane of glass?