Ravenswood Season 1 Review “Believe”

Ravenswood Episode 3 Believe (1)

On the latest episode of “Ravenswood,” it was time to put away the Miranda, but she wasn’t too keen on being put away- not that she had much choice in the matter, as she spent the entire episode being zapped around willy-nilly in “Believe.” So, lest you think that this was going to be a show grounded in reality, that notion was put away once and for all tonight, in which there were ghosts aplenty, oddball séances and all manners of spooky goings-on.

The whole theory that every so often five teens end up dead while one soldier survives an seemingly impossible scenario was strengthened on this episode, as Remy discovered that there had been six such occurrences over the years since 1918, albeit occasionally within the context of bigger disasters to “cover up” things.

She thinks Death may be coming for them still, “Final Destination”-style, despite their initial survival, and she might be right. Note the hand reaching for Olivia, the knife almost landing on Remy, the spirit luring Caleb, and finally, the chandelier nearly falling on everyone at the end.

Adding to the intrigue is Olivia’s sighting of the late Abby Wheeler throughout the episode, and their seeming communication with her via the ad-hoc Ouija board- though horror movies have taught us you can rarely trust the Devil’s Chalkboard. Actually, speaking of that, though I think those same types of letters were used to spell out demonic messages in the “Amityville Horror” remake (which was also referenced via the “Get Out!” warning Miranda heard), I’ve never quite seen anyone fashion a spirit board that way before, so that was kind of unique and cool. Don’t know that it would actually work, but hey, it’s a neat idea.

So, here’s my revised theory, in light of tonight’s events. Did you notice that Raymond Collins clipped a bit of Miranda’s hair at one point? And that the Ouija-adjacent board mentioned a pact of five? That all sounds like witchy business to me. And besides, witches are all the rage right now, between “American Horror Story: Coven” and “The Witches of East End” and witches cropping up on “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals”– not to mention talk of a “Charmed” reboot.

I think that maybe a group of five townspeople made a pact to save key people in their lives (i.e. husbands & wives), with the price to be paid being the death of five of their own. Each of the five families got one so far, but this time around- the sixth in total- something went awry, and only one “sacrifice” died. Not entirely sure why that was, but maybe it has something to do with Caleb being there when, by all rights, he shouldn’t have been. Note also that the survivors can see ghosts, with all of them getting the ability to see Miranda by the episode’s end- but Caleb got it first, though that may have more to do with where he’s staying.

I think that Olivia and Luke’s late dad, the Mayor, was one of the witches, plus Raymond Collins and Remy’s dad. That leaves two more. One may be Mrs. Grunwald- she certainly seems to know a lot about what’s going on. Maybe the last is Luke and Olivia’s mom? She certainly seems guilty about something. It could also be that cop she was talking to, the one who got onto Caleb in the pilot episode, if I recall correctly. I think maybe death’s actually coming after them (as in the witches), too, because something went wrong with the spell, and they are desperately trying to save their skins.

Just a theory, of course, but it makes a certain kind of sense, with all that’s happened so far. Another possibility is that the situation started years ago with the above people’s families and the current generations are trying to stop it and something went wrong. That would mean that Collins and the rest are trying to stop the curse, not aid it to keep their loved ones alive- or really, just Remy’s mother, who was the rescued war hero in question, given that Luke and Olivia’s dad already died.

Or maybe it’s just Remy’s dad that’s trying to protect his family and he somehow reneged on the deal to save his daughter and wife, sacrificing Luke and Olivia’s dad in the process to save his own family. Or I could be way off. Feel free to spout your own wacky theories as to what’s really going on here in “Ravenswood” down below in the comments section, and I’ll see you next week!